Benefits and Best Uses of Zerodol Sp

Zerodol tablets are the brand name of PCM, or Paracetamol, which is a wonder drug that acts as a sure cure for fever, aches and a plethora of such ailments. Paracetamol is basically the strongest candidate in the run of most commonly used drug since as humans, we are all susceptible to a little fever now and then. Moreover, it is such a darling of a drug, since it is pretty safe and is easily available over the counter. Drugs like these basically are our lifeline.

Another pretty thing about Paracetamol is that it is available in a variety of forms, like syrup, which makes it easier to dispense this drug to the pediatric population. All of us know how fussy kids can be when it comes to taking medication. They totally abhor it, and so did we when we were their age.

The Amazing Uses of Zerodol Tablets:

  • This is your go-to drug when anyone in the family gets fever:

Fever ranging from low grade to burning humans’ raging temperature is successfully brought down by this wonder drug. Zerodol should be taken at the interval of a minimum of 6 hours, just to ensure safety. I know, you will say, ‘You vouch for the safety of this drug’. Yes, I do, but at the same time, you do not go about popping these pills like a delicious bar of chocolate. You have to understand that every drug comes with its own recommendations for safety.

  • Aches and body pain has one specific enemy:

Zerodol. This medicine is taken when you have a slight fever, along which tags body ache and lassitude. Zerodol works wonder on such nonspecific, generalized muscle aches, and gives you tremendous relief.

  • Headaches

are constant trouble in our lives, given the crazy rush and added on the pile of stressful situations. I often believe that I am being thrown in a humongous mixie and it has been turned on. I rotate and rotate in this stress till my brain bursts out, and then I take a Zerodol to kill the pain. Life is a difficult business, and it has been rendered a little easy due to the presence of Zerodol as an over the counter drug.


  • I know it rings a bell deep inside every heart:

Only the innermost part of our soul can correctly calculate the guilt we carry when we don’t brush our teeth at night, and we know how much we resolve to do so when suffering from a toothache. Toothaches are terrible, excruciating conditions that can turn the mightiest into the weakest. In these moments of bad pain and regrets, Zerodol comes to our rescue. It is a remarkable medicine for all types of pain, including toothache. Still, brushing teeth at night is the right things to do. Zerodol is only an alternative to pain.


This amazing tablet is full of wonderful remedies for the body. It works in a mysterious way even drug scientists can only speculate about its mechanism of action. Zerodol’s benefits include the following:

Safety: this, literally, is the number one benefit. It provides a tremendous margin of safety over other drugs such as Aspirin for pain. Aspirin, being an NSAID, is a potent drug causing ulcers, which warrant the use of a PPI along with it. Zerodol carries with itself no such issues at the correct therapeutic levels.

Time of Action:

Zerodol takes fairly less time to act, and its action stays for about 6 hours, which is a fair deal.

Zerodol is basically used for slight fevers, aches, and pains. It is mostly bought over the counter, although it is also one of the most prescribed medicines. You can safely take Zerodol up to 4 times a day, depending on the dosage and strength of the medication. Available mostly as a 500-gram tablet, taken SOS, which means it should be taken as and when required. In continuous fevers, though, doctors prescribe it QID, that is, 4 times a day. It has to be taken under supervision if a child is taking it.


You should give a gap of 6 hours between doses, for the concern of safety. Also, one should not forget to wait for about 30 minutes after taking the drug for it to act. Zerodol takes some time to decrease the fever, although it is one of the quick drugs.

Patients must try to talk to a doctor if they require Zerodol for a long time, for example, when their fever is not going away, or pain not subsiding with the usual doses of Zerodol. It is dangerous to take PCM for a prolonged time without medical advice.

Like most of the things in life, Zerodol must be used judiciously!

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