Warnings You Should Be Aware Of Before Taking Maxepa Capsules

We all know that drugs are foreign substances taken in good intent. Drugs are essential in sickness, where we need to bring down some pathology in the body and improve our quality of life. Maxepa capsules are a good example of such a situation, where the intake of nature-based product, namely Omega 3 fatty acid chains, are used to improve the lipid profile of the body. Indeed, it protects us from a vast array of heart disease and similar diseases, thus proving to be a boon to our lives. Like any other drug, it also comes with an entire package; a package that includes side effects, drug interactions, and many more things, also book a test with klinicapp and know more about your health issues.

We always consider the risk to benefit ratio before taking any drug, so why should Maxepa be any exception?

Here, in this article, we are going to explore this risk-benefit ratio, and decide for ourselves when we should take the capsules, and when to refrain from gulping down the pill.

The Allergy Story

The most common reason for the discontinuation of any medication is the allergy it causes in sensitive patients. We have to know that the products that are plant or animal based are generally more allergic to humans than synthetically prepared medications. This, of course, raises the point that Maxepa, being an oil based product, from fish, places you at a significant risk of allergic reactions. These can range from simple rash and wheeze to angioneurotic edema, where your laryngeal muscles swell up and you cannot breathe and are at high risk of death from lack of oxygen unless intubated on time.

A history of allergy to similar stuff should never be, forgotten by anyone taken Maxepa. If you are allergic to any other fish oil or cod liver oil, you should be extremely cautious while taking it. Bring this point to the notice of your doctor.

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Another fact to be borne in mind is that some products may contain traces of inactive ingredients like peanut and soy. A significant subset of the population in the West is, known to be allergic to these components; although its incidence in India is pretty low. Nonetheless, one should always remember that no one knows who will turn out to be allergic to what molecule on this Earth. Especially while using such animal preparations, one should remember to take care in case any incidence of allergy arises. Immediate medical care should be sought, and one should discontinue the drug right away.


The Period Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no doubt one of the most joyous periods of a woman’s life. Also, it is a medically critical period and places a huge demand on the body. The fetus, that growing rapidly inside the uterus needs to be, nourished well. Also, this is the time where a lady has to take care of anything that enters her body; because it might inadvertently reach the fetus. Any slight insult to the fetus can result in calamitous disabilities and even fetal death. Fetal life is the period where most of the organ development is taking place. A slight aberration and one can have diseases that affect the brain, the heart, the bony framework and almost all other systems of the body, even abortions, and stillbirths. This effect of toxins reaching the fetus via the placenta is even more pronounced during the first trimester.

While many drugs have been classified according to their safety profile, Maxepa is still awaiting its testimony of safety during pregnancy. One should avoid taking Maxepa during pregnancy, choosing to take it only when absolutely essential. One should always take it in consultation with an obstetrician.

The Adorable Period of Breastfeeding

Nursing a newborn is another amazing experience for a mother. It results in close bonding of the child and the mother, also leading to tremendous health benefits in both the mother and the child.

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Like pregnancy, the nursing period is another very vulnerable phase where drugs taken by the mother can reach the child. This is due to the secretion of some drugs in breast milk. Again, here; it is, recommended to avoid using Maxepa; since, we do not have enough evidence about the safety of Maxepa on infants. A lady should not take Maxepa unless absolutely indicated.

One must keep in mind that breastfeeding itself has beneficial effects on the mother, like fat burning. It is encouraged to breastfeed the infant exclusively for 6 months.

The Expiry Date

One should always look at the expiry date of Maxepa capsules before ingesting them. As they are nature-based products; they can get, spoiled easily. One should keep them in a proper place to avoid spoiling them.


Maxepa, like all other medications in this world; have to be, taken with caution, as recklessness can cause a lot of damage. All the above points should be borne in mind while enjoying the lipid profile improving properties of Maxepa.


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