Why blood donation is good for your health

We’ve always heard and seen on reel life how superheroes are the good fellas who save lives. While getting into a fist fight with the goons may seem farfetched, did you know you could save up to three lives by donating blood once? And you know what is great? Not only is blood donation beneficial for the person on the receiving end, but also to the person doing the noble deed.

We had earlier shared how blood transfusion works. Today, let’s talk a bit about how only the best comes to those who do good for others.

Every blood donation demands a health checkup to test the health of the blood and whether it’s free of any abnormalities. This thorough check helps detect indolent diseases in their prime, such as diabetes, insufficient iron levels, blood pressure concerns, and any active or dormant infections. The health checkups are free of cost and you can choose to be informed of the complete result.

Regular blood donations help keep the iron levels of the body in check. Excessive iron can create oxidative damage, which surfaces in the form of heart attacks, strokes and even accelerated ageing. Studies have also shown that men who donate blood on a regular basis have a lower risk of heart issues.

Every donation helps you shed 650 Kcal, which is a healthy way of body weight control. Of course, being obsessed about measures like these is a complete no-no. Blood should be donated at a minimum of two to three months, so newer red blood cells can be regenerated.

Scared that you may be giving away too much of iron? Don’t be. A hemoglobin check is mandatory before the donation. If it’s deemed very low, you will not be allowed to go ahead with the donation.

Be grateful of your health and take care of it. Donate blood to ensure everybody wins.

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