Always tired? Here are four possible reasons!

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Aren’t You – Always Tired:

Even if you are a morning person and wake up feeling ready to face the day, your energy levels seem to drain pretty quickly. Maybe that pushes you toward sugar and caffeine, just to score enough energy to get your daily tasks, accomplished.

Does that sound familiar? Don’t be, alarmed as you’re not alone. From the past century, people work more hours, increasing stress, lowering the amount of “me time” and making vacations a long-lost dream. Remember the hamster wheel?

If you are managing to still catch up on seven to nine hours of sleep, other factors may be at play that are causing fatigue:

Lack of exercise?

We all know that we tend to skip working out when we are already, tired or even if we do exercise, it’s not at the same intensity. As per a study by the University of Georgia, regular, low-intensity exercise can boost energy levels, even when it may seem otherwise. Exercise can, in fact, go a long way in increasing positivity, motivation and energy.

Too much exercise?

If you are one who can be, spotted at the gym every day irrespective of it being a work day or a holiday, there may be a point of diminishing returns. Pushing yourself to exercise more and more may cause fatigue over a period of time.

“Certain styles of exercise take the participant to a state of physical exhaustion on a regular basis, which may do more harm than good,” says functional and integrative medicine practitioner Chris Kesser, adding that there’s a fine line between training hard and overtraining, which can result in a number of biochemical responses as the body tries to protect itself, resulting in slowing other bodily functions – causing fatigue.

How’s your gut?

In the past few years, there has been a significant amount of research showing that the gastrointestinal system plays an integral role in regulating emotions, energy, immunity and even skin health and chronic diseases. The good and bad bacteria in our digestive tract are responsible for bringing everything together and keeping us healthy. When out of balance, it can lead to lowered immune response, poor sleep and allergies, leading to exhaustion. Stocking up fermented foods and going the veggie way, while rethinking before binging on sugar and refined carbs, will go a long way.

Sleeping for long but not well?

Even though you may jolt out of sleep listening to the alarm go off or because you are just, used to waking up at a certain time every day, that doesn’t mean you slept well. Even a mild case of sleep apnea may keep you from getting a good-quality sleep to keep your energy levels up the next day.

The most common type of sleep apnea occurs when your nose airway is blocked, causing pauses in breathing and loud snoring. It can also cause or aggravate irritability, diabetes, heart disease, liver problems and weight gain. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing any such symptoms or discomfort while sleeping.

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