Always Keep These Household Items Clean And Germ-free

A home is a place where you feel safe. But, if it is not clean and sanitized then it will be the opposite! Approximately 12.6 million deaths each year have been recorded due to unhealthy environments. So, it becomes important to keep your household items also clean and disinfected. In this post, you will find easy tricks to clean your household items and make your house germ-free.

Germs travel everywhere and once they get inside our body, it can bring many diseases too. Though you cannot disinfect every place but you can try to keep your surroundings and household items clean. This will support you to breathe in a clean and pristine environment.

How to keep your Household Items Germ free Easily?

Find below some easy tricks and tips to clean your household items and make it a better place to live.

1. Prepare a regular cleaning routine

If your busy life doesn’t make out time for a cleaning routine, then you can plan to clean small areas of your house. You can take out time on alternate days or whenever you get time.

Ignoring the cleanliness and doing it all together once a week will be more burdened and hectic. As you have to manage too many tasks at one time.

2. Maintain Kitchen Cleanliness at the Highest Priority

A kitchen is a place where you make food and also it gets most attacked by the germs. Cleaning it occasionally won’t make your house clean but make it a habit to disinfect all countertops frequently. Start with cleaning the outer area, sinks, and move ahead to cutting boards, faucet filters and all the containers.

Use a mixture of bleach and water to sterilize the sink after every meal you cook, especially when using eggs, fish, and meat. Also, ensure that you destroy that cleaning sponge to avoid spreading of germs.

3. Maintain Dryness at your Home

The high content of moisture and the wet surface can attract germs such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Especially during the rainy season, keep the interior of the home and household items protected. The best way to deal with this problem is to keep the fans on to dry the floor surface.

Also, while going to the bathroom, ensure it is clean and dry as wet bathroom floor and germs will travel along with your slippers.

4. Use Disposable Containers

Though in an eco-friendly environment, it is difficult to find disposal containers. But if a person is sick then you can use the disposable plates and glass for them until their sickness is passed.

You can also use disposable containers during any festive season when the house is full of guests. As during this time, you might have a lot of other things to do. Due to which you might not be able to manage the cleanliness of dishes alone.

5. Keep your Bathroom Clean and Dry

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The bathroom is the most often used place of your home by several people. The moist area is the favorite place for germs, so, it is a commonplace where germs attack the most. Additionally, it is a place where you excrete and remove all the dirt from your body while bathing. Though it is a good thing but sadly, this accumulates a lot of germs unless you clean it properly and disinfect it.

6. Constantly change the Air Filter

When the dirt gets accumulated it clogs the air filter which needs to be cleaned from time to time. Several filters capture the germs and bacteria that may make us sick. By cleaning the air fitler you not only save energy and efficiency of the equipment but also make your surroundings better. With a gap of one or three months clean your air filter and keep your environment dust-free.

Use Dust Bins in Every Corner

If your house is big then it is difficult to maintain its cleanliness. So, the best option is to keep dustbins in significant areas of your home and make sure you utilize it properly. Avoid throwing any kind of residue on the floor and if you find any particle lying on the floor, immediately throw it into the dustbin.

7. Clean your Cell Phones

Even cell phones are the most common household items that accumulate a lot of grit and grime. As it is the most often used item that gets touched by your ear and check, so you must maintain its hygiene and keep it clean.

By just wiping it on your shirt sleeve won’t make it clean but you have to clean it properly. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth to clean it. Always, ensure that while cleaning it, you turn it off, remove the battery and remove from the external power source and gently clean it.

Tip of Advice

Germs can travel anywhere and can cause a big disaster in our lives if not taken the right steps towards cleanliness. By avoiding the germs contact, it not only maintains good hygiene but also protects your life from deadly diseases.

Hope, the above cleaning household items hacks will help you a lot in making your life easier and disease free.

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