A Guide To Different Types Of Milk In The Dairy Aisle

If we look 10 years back, probably nobody knows different types of milk. All we know was full, skimmed and possibly soy milk as well. Out of these, soy milk was the choice of high-class people. But in today’s world, there are different variants of milk available in the market. Thus, it includes normal milk, filtered milk, and plants extracted milk as well.

The most surprising part is the milk from almonds. How one can extract the milk from almonds or cashews. But yes these are available with different health benefits. Hence, one can use different types of milk for different purposes. It can be to lighten the coffee or to club it with cereals in the breakfast. But the important point to check for extracted milk is the added sugar content. Carefully watch the sugar content. It is added to improve shelf life as well as taste. Additional ingredients to check are the thickening agent. Therefore, make sure to have the least unaltered milk.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from a variety of milk. Here are we are giving a quick guide to different types of milk. They are rich in various nutritional benefits.

Skim Milk

Skim milk is fat extracted milk. It has a minimum level of fat in it. Skimmed milk became a hero in the era of the 90’s. During those times, people became more health-conscious. Today as well, people targeting weight loss always appreciate this kind of milk. Out of different types of milk, this is preferred for kids as well as it is easily digestible. One can use this milk for breakfast cereal bowl. But when it comes to bakery items or cooking, you might not get the creamier texture. Furthermore, it might contain milk powder sometimes. Thus, all natural nutrients are completely lost.

Similar to normal milk, skimmed milk is full of phosphates, magnesium, and vitamin C. Since it is low on fat content, it might have higher calcium and protein. These make it suitable for bones and the growth of children.

Whole Milk or Full-fat Milk

The fat content in full cream milk varies from place to place. For example, the fat content in milk in Australia and New Zealand is 3.2% minimum. On the other hand, the fat content is quite high in Indian milk as it is around 7%. The fat content is balanced by several other nutrients present in it. Milk is full of magnesium, zinc, calcium and several vitamins as well.

Since the fat content is higher, it is high in calories. One cup of full cream milk has near about 150 calories. Thus, this makes it unsuitable for the people planning for weight loss. It is used in most of the bakery stuff to make them a richer and softer texture.

Lactose-free Milk

Out of different types of milk, there is lactose-free milk. This is will suit people who are lactose intolerant. In some cases, the body generates intolerance against lactose. This results in digestive disorder. In such cases, people often experience bloating and stomach cramping.

To make the milk lactose free, the sugar present in milk is hydrolyzed. Except for this part, lactose-free milk offers you all the good benefits of milk.

Almond Milk

Different Types Of Milk

This is one of the best milk extracted from plants. The almond milk is thinner. Also, it is low on fat among different types of milk. But this is fuller in vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamin E is found most in almond milk. Since the milk is thinner, hence cannot sweeten and thicken your cup of coffee.

Being low on calories makes it most suitable for weight-related problems.

Cashew Milk

Similar to almond milk, it is low on calories and fat. Additionally, it is the ultimate source of polyunsaturated fats. Vitamin A and E makes it extra special. Thus, it is added in most of the cooking for its creamier texture. In comparison to 150 calories in full cream milk, it only has 25 calories.

Soy Milk

Among different types of milk, this is most famous in the list of plant extracted milk. It is an ultimate source of protein and carbs. One can simply replace cow’s milk with soy milk as they have similar benefits. But the only problem seen is the lower content of calcium and saturated fat. Out of various benefits, the biggest plus is high protein content. However, studies showed that one can make menopause less problematic with soy milk consumption.

Coconut Milk

One of the uncountable benefits of coconut is coconut milk. Coconut milk is high in fat. Hence, tops in calories in the list of different types of milk. One cup of coconut milk consists of 445 calories. This is almost 4 times the normal full cream milk. Coconut milk is high in saturated fats. Thus, this makes it creamier and thicker. It is an essential part of cooking in the southern part of India. This milk cannot be used in coffee, baking or other cooking.