8 Quick Recitation for everyday weight management

How to lose weight with a constant purpose?

Struggle to battle with weight management makes one realize how big little-little things become when they keep on adding up. Just like a little bit more of an extra delicious dessert at dinner or a little bit more of relishing the lunch and dinner buffet on an vacation or that feeling of a little bit more tight of just a newly bought amazing dress of yours.

After we actually realize the value of just a little bit and now wanting to shed off those little bit of extra pounds which have no purpose other than making us look chubby or fat. As per the math is done on calories, nearly 3500 calories make up a 1 pound and if we try to cut down 100 calories a day then almost in a month to 35 days losing 1 pound target can be accomplished.


Which 8 quick tips can help in losing weight daily?

  1. Choose healthy snacking and watch your portion size while eating:

    In snacks opt for a healthy fruits and salad that are rich in fiber and water and quench hunger in healthy way. Also munching less in restaurants is recommended to avoid extra calorie intake. Occasional restaurant visits must also be ensured with watchful meals in context with calories and portion size.

    Specialist recommend to order for appetizers or baby sized meals instead of heavy, spicy or calorie infused meals in the restaurant. This way occasional meals at restaurants don’t overburden your weight lose goals. Skipping meals especially breakfast is a strict no while planning to lose weight. Eating right amount of 5 to 6 meals a day helps in boosting metabolism which helps in losing weight. Eating it right at the right time is the key to lose weight.

    your plate while eating focus must be given on putting more vegetables, proteins, and fiber-rich foods and less starchy carbohydrates.

  2. Distract your temptations:

    It is important to avoid baked cookies, cakes, and brownies as they are full of calories. Avoid distraction from temptations for sweets usually, by imposing self-control. Also, normal sugar must be replaced with artificial sweetener for decreasing calories intake. Instead of consuming cold coffee daily it must be prepared using artificial sweetener at home that too occasionally. Staying focused and understanding to say simply no to yourself over calorie infused temptations is necessary. Since they tend to make you lose control over your diet soon.

  3. Drink ample of calorie-free fluids:

    Consuming more water and fruit and vegetable infused water helps in body detox and it even avoids extra sugar infused calories. Herbal tea helps in increasing the body metabolism which further helps in losing weight. Avoiding sodas and colas is best for health. Also, drinking more fluids helps subside the cravings as liquids make you feel full temporarily till your craving pass on from mind.

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    splash of water
  4. Use technology to help and assist you sticking your goals:

    Today ample of mobile-based applications are available to monitor your activity levels while you walk or workout. They even remind you to get up and walk around in case you tend to stick to your sedentary lifestyle for long. Keeping track or workout sessions and how much calories you burnt helps in managing daily weight by controlled diet.

  5. Chose for an easy workout routine, to begin with:

    It happens with most of the people that they begin with good multiple workout regimes to lose weight which works initially but it becomes way too much altogether so they even tend to start eating more.

    It is basically a psychology which needs self-counseling all the time to control urges excessive indulgence in eating. One can start simple cardio exercises and modify with changes, is essential to not feel boring.




    Group exercising is good to join for enjoying workout sessions if only me ones are boring for someone. Beginning with Zumba, walking, swimming or regular gyming anything is good choice and set your routine accordingly, slowly it will become a second nature and a day without them starts bothering you like a hunger.

    Specialist recommend to go for 150 minutes of routine activity weekly to help as a bonus in managing weight. Like taking stairs instead of elevators, and parking the car a little far to make you go an extra mile by walking.

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  6. Occasional rewarding and pampering to celebrate what you have achieved so far:

    It’s a human nature to feel good when receiving any reward. So rewarding yourself with the occasional indulgence in your most loved and craved desserts or foods might help you keep motivated for longer.

    Once in a month or twice in a month sounds better as per the need to cut down on extra calorie infused foods. A far better choice is rewarding your own self with shopping instead of eating. It can work for most of the women though.

    The main agenda is of pampering and caring your own self and how one can do, varies from person to person. Losing inches is a tough job and reward yourself occasionally as a celebration.

  7. Replace excuses with determination:

    Making resolutions and then giving up in half-way every year is all because of some lame excuses. The best way to keep your motivation levels up to losing weight is by avoiding excuses. Stay focused on your goals of managing weight and best is write them up and place them on your room wall or wardrobe door and let it be a daily reminder for you. Will need to be strong to achieve the set goals as is the saying there is no way without a strong will. Do not let the time and opportunity of losing weight slip out of your way at any cost.

  8. Keep going and do not aim for perfection too soon: 

    Always remember to accept and love the way you are as it boosts the self-esteem. Changes in lifestyle can make you look more beautiful and healthy but it does not mean you are not beautiful the way you are.

    A journey of losing weight comes as a roller coaster ride. Some days can take you high as you can notice few changes and other days might make you low because of no noticeable changes.

    However, looking at whatever you, achieved so far can be helpful rather than, the disappointment of not achieving whatever perfection you aimed for. Making yourself keep going without stopping will surely let you achieve near to perfection goal in long run.

    Also, reminding oneself that nobody is perfect and imperfections are also beautiful to possess. This is how one can achieve gradual weight by managing weight on daily basis.


Take an extra effort to remove that little bit extra from your diet. Also, sticking to the goals by
following few tips curbing temptations all the way and eating right at the right time can make the
weight management task way easier.

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