5 Ways To Strengthen Your Knees

Do you often feel knee pain? Well, then you must focus to strengthen your knees. A routine check-up needs to follow with a healthy diet. Also, try to involve in some physical activity as well. When a person ages, knee pain arises due to various factors. The knee pain is the largest joint in our body. Everyone uses it to do a normal course of activity such as walk, run, climb, or jump. Moreover, knees are more prone to injury and pain. So, in case you get an injury or pain in the knee then the best way is to strengthen your knee and the muscles around the knee.

Certainly, knee pain can occur anytime and at any age. But mostly, the pain stays with you when your bone density weakens with age. A study shows that the overall knee pain for men from all ages falls between 15 and 20%. And about 18% of women and men who crossed 60 years have witnessed knee pain.  To keep your muscles and your knee fit, you must follow the below exercises.

Strengthen Your Knees

1. Stretching of the Iliotibial Tract Band

Spend time in stretching and warming up with your IT band. And divide it into strenuous activity. This will be a good way to strengthen your knees.

  • Stand on the left foot. And cross over right to stretch your arms by raising it above your head. Bend your upper body to the left side. Stretch it as far as you can towards the left side while keeping your knees straight. Repeat this process with the right foot cross with the left one. And, lean your upper body to the right direction.
  • Now sit on the floor. And stretch your legs in the front. Now cross one leg over the other. Bring your knees closer to your chest. Now place it for a few seconds. Repeat it with another leg.
  • Take a slow walk before starting the exercise to warm up.

2. Standing Hamstring Curls

Hamstrings are the back of your thigh. When you perform hamstring stretches for more than a week, it relieves your knee pain.

  • Stand straight by keeping your knees at least 1 to 2 inches apart. You can choose a chair, countertop, or object for balancing.
  • Bend down one knee behind your body. Lift the heel over the floor by keeping your thighs aligned. You can continue to lift your heel in a smooth motion. And bend it until it reaches a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold your body for 5 seconds. Then slowly touch the floor.
  • Repeat it two or three times using the same leg.

3. Rehabilitative Exercises after Surgery

After any kind of surgery like knee replacement, you need to exercise to get recover soon. Doctors will advise you in detail of dos and don’ts.

  • Seated Knee Flexion: Sit on a tight chair. Slide one-foot back under your chair. Now keep your thighs on the chair. And hold for five seconds before you slide backward.
  • Seated knee kick: Sit on a chair by bending your legs. Take your leg upward slowly until it gets straightened. Keep this position for 5 seconds before lowering down.
  • Straight leg lifts: Lie down and bend your leg by keeping the other leg straight. Raise your leg before lowering down. Repeat this on another side for ten times.

4. Perform Quadriceps

You can perform the quadriceps to strengthen your bones. You can try exercises that target muscles, knees, and thighs:

  • Thigh squeeze allows you to get relief from a long-term knee problem or knee surgery. You can lie down with your legs straight. And push the muscles towards your front part of the thighs. Hold this activity for five seconds and repeat the process with another leg.
  • Perform lunges by standing straight with your hands on your hips. Start with the left foot, lower down, and bend back in the right angle. Keep lowering your back knee until it touches the floor. Repeat this exercise a few times.
  • The low-impact exercise machines are a stationary bike or obscure machine. It is out from quads with minimum or no contact. These exercises can also be performed by someone suffering from arthritis problems or have previous knee surgery.

5. Exercise your Bones and Glutes

This exercise will help from a knee strain. And also you can prevent the pain. As an additional bonus, few exercises may work for hips and glutes.

  • Work on a clamshell: Lie down on the floor on your side. And bend your knees. Lift your top leg by keeping your leg touched to the floor. You can hold this for some seconds before lowering and repeat it for ten or twelve times.
  • Do squats: You can do squats with a short-range which will help to strengthen your knees. Stand straight and squat to the ground. Bend your knees and keep your back straight.

Thus, you can improve your muscles and can strengthen your knees by performing the above exercises. These exercises are easy to perform and you can easily do it at your home.

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