5 Tips You Can Cleanse Your Kidneys

Kidneys are vital organs of the human body- if someone questions this fact then with a very simple example this can be justified. Suppose, if in a city the drainage system gets ruined then it is impossible for the citizens to lead a normal life anymore as the regular waste matter is not being driven away. Similarly, in our body every day a certain amount of waste gets created due to several processes that are going on in our body. Kidneys work as the drainage system of our body and help in the filtration process which enables the waste matter to get out of our body.

Some of the very obvious threats to our Kidneys

Due to inadequate food habit or other complications, there are many cases where the filtration capability of Kidneys have become completely ruined, to the point of some of the major abnormalities like detection of kidney stone and growing a severe infection in the renal part. It is only a proper detoxification which can save your kidney from getting completely damaged.

Now; for the basic idea of detoxification, it is a process with which you can clean your Kidneys and make them get back to normal state so that they can function in a proper manner. For this you can use various ingredients from your household which has been proven as really effective.

5 Ways With Which You Can Take Care Of Your Kidneys

In the following portion of the article we have listed some of the major processes for detoxification of the Kidneys.

  1. Using apple cider vinegar

Just like a medicine you will have to prepare a mixture with right proportion of Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Use half cup of water, preferably warm and mix it with 4 to 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and then drink it. It is, advised to consume the mixture regularly and for best results have it before eating anything else; as most of the medicines work miraculously in an empty stomach.


The main purpose of using apple cider vinegar is acid component present in it; which will help in getting rid of the unwanted fat which was been, gathered in your Kidneys for quite a while. It also prevents to certain extent the possibilities of kidney stone.

  1. Juicy Cranberries

It is not, known to all that pure Cranberry juice can work as magic in the case of kidney detoxification. However, it is very necessary to know that if the juice is suitable for you or not. So first go slow with one or two cup of pure juice; but always use the, diluted juice which works better than the, concentrated one. There is an ingredient, named tannin present in Cranberry, which helps in draining out the toxic elements and bacteria from our body. It is very easy to find Cranberry juice as it is, sold in almost every retail store. It is one of the most tasty way with which you can also keep up your good health.

  1. Artichokes to help a lot

It may sound strange but artichokes really does a lot of health in the detoxification process of Kidneys. There are two major elements present in artichokes chlorogenic and cyranin acid could not only help in increasing the filtration process of kidney but also make your liver function in a more healthy away. It is a very simple way how artichokes are able to exclude the toxic elements from our blood and also makes them flush out from the body in the form of urine. It is, advised by positions that if you consume at least one artichoke regularly it will be of great benefit.

  1. Not too much protein for Kidneys

Protein is an essential element for growth of children and also, should we consume by the adults to keep up the good health. But sometimes when we get, carried away with these advices a little too much; we start consuming a lot of high protein diet which is not at all good for health. It is always, advised by the physician to consume a balanced diet which will; let your Kidneys and liver function properly.


In fact; If you are suffering from liver and Kidney disease then you should avoid all the food products which contain animal fat like milk, eggs, seafood and most of the dairy products. As these products are rich in phosphorus which leads to the unwanted deposition of extra amount of calcium in the body. Apart from this you should always have chocolates and other products which contain high protein elements more moderately. Most of these food items contain uric acid and calcium oxalate which make the chances of accumulating kidney stones higher.

  1. Say no to animal products

Just like high fiber containing diet like vegetables, fruits, seeds and other ingredients; work as a natural detoxification element for liver and Kidneys. Also as it is commonly, said that drinking a certain amount of water everyday not only keeps your body; hydrated but also helps in the filtration process of the Kidneys. It is really important to give body such element which increases the flushing out of toxic elements. If; this does not go well then those toxic elements will get, accumulated inside the body and cause harm a lot.

Apart from the above, mentioned tips to Cleanse; there are other things one should keep in mind for keeping the Kidneys and liver in good condition. One needs to get rid of the habit of consuming excess alcohol and also smoking a lot of cigarettes. Apart from it; you can go for a balance diet chart which will include lots of fruit juices, vegetables and unsaturated fat.

Kidney diseases can become really tough to handle and in some cases it goes to certain extent when the transplantation is the only option left. So; it is the only way to keep your Kidneys healthy bye not having those things which, are really bad for the filtration process.

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