5 surprising reasons you are gaining weight!

Weight gain is a stress element for many people nowadays. There are too many reasons for weight gain like thyroid, PCOD and hormonal imbalance. Even if you are not having any of these, eating junk foods will result in weight gain. After gaining weight, people start stressing their minds and they really inculcate few useless habits for weight loss. Few are not even aware that they are gaining weight rather than losing weight.

For every person, there will be a body mass index and a corresponding weight calculated to it. It is important that you don’t exceed or stay low on that count. So, when you have gained weight and looking to lose it, what are few ideas that you implement but they are not helping you lose weight.

Gaining Weight , why?

Weight gain is not a mystery rather it just involves clean eating and little exercise, but people complicate it too much with starving and rigorous exercises. That’s not even needed, when you start doing vigorous exercise you tend get hungry and eventually you will eat more. There are few surprising facts that will tell you why you are gaining weight.

Stress and Lack of sleep

If you feel like you are doing everything right and still you are gaining weight, then count on your sleep hours. Deprived sleep can result in weight gain. Even if you wake up till midnight it will affect your weight gain. Lack of sleep or not sleeping on the peak hours will result in weight, hence sleeping on the right hours is very important.

Stress is another factor where you will eventually land up with gaining wieght. It is not that stress will increase the weight, but the fact is that, when you are at stress you are forced to bust that with food or tension. You either eat a lot of food and you don’t even know that it will result in gaining weight!


If you are having thyroid, then there’s a sudden increase in the weight gain. You will never know what’s the reason for weight gain, until you check the blood levels and TSH levels. Thyroid can be fixed by a simple medication depending on the complication that your thyroid gland has. When consuming that tablet, it will help you in weight loss. Check your thyroid levels if you are eating healthy and exercising, and still not reducing weight.


When your body is not getting the adequate amount of water, then you are subject to weight gain. Whatever amount of exercises you start doing, the weight gain will be stable. You cannot lose weight without water. This is a bitter truth, but you need to accept it and surprisingly, if you are dehydrated you will not know that it’s the reason that you are not losing weight. You will never realize that dehydration is the reason that you are gaining weight. Weight gain is proportional to drinking water. Only when you drink water, will it sweat the unnecessary fat and com out as sweat! Never miss drinking water.

gaining weight

Heavy Carbs

We all know that carbs will help in weight gain and we also can’t survive without carbs. There is a myth that carbs can be consumed in the mornings, but never commit that mistake. Carbs cannot be heavy, and it cannot be a carbs heavy breakfast that will help in weight loss. It will only result in weight again. The best way to eat your breakfast is to have more proteins which will not result in weight gain. Also, do not consume excess salt. There are a lot of people who add a lot of salt for flavor in their salads. Unknowingly you are contributing to weight gain and not weight loss.

Over healthy foods

When you start counting everything that you eat, then you might eat everything that’s healthy. Example, nuts are very good for your health, but many are unaware that it will cause weight gain when consumed more than 5-10 per day. Eating seeds and nuts are good for health. Anything that’s above the average count will help you with weight gain only. Eating over healthy foods continuously will result in weight gain. Do not snack on nuts more than once a day. It is recommended to snack on the mornings rather than the evenings.

The takeaways

Hence, know what you are doing and do a thorough research hereafter to stop weight gain. There are a lot of things that you change when you incorporate these minor changes in your exercising and eating habits. Eventually, you can stop weight gain and you will feel the difference.

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