5 Points To Consider Before A Full Body Health Checkup

You might have heard the saying that health is wealth. It is indeed true! To make sure that you are healthy, your doctor will advise you to take a full body health checkup. It is the best way to know how different organs of the body are functioning. It also identifies if you are suffering from any underlying disease. Many common diseases like diabetes and thyroid symptoms show up in later stages. By the time you go for a checkup, the damage is irreversible. So it is important that you get the full body health checkup from time to time.

Here is a list of common points that people consider before getting a full body checkup.

1. Sleep Well

Worrying about the next day might steal your sleep. But for the tests to show accurate results, it is important that you sleep well. Otherwise, the heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature will show inaccurate results.

2. Avoid Salty or Fatty Food

Salty and fatty food contributes to high blood pressure and triglycerides. It is best if you avoid it for at least a day before your full body health checkup. Cut down unhealthy food 2-3 days before your test. Therefore, these changes will not affect the outcome.

3. Avoid Workout

We all know how crucial exercise is for a healthy body and mind. However, you might want to skip working out on the day of the tests. It may elevate your heart rate. And this could affect the outcome.

4. Don’t Consume Caffeinated Products

Caffeine can increase your heart rate. It can mess up your blood pressure or heart rate readings. To avoid this from happening, avoid caffeinated products at least a couple of hours before the test.

5. Know your Medications

Full Body Health Checkup

Sometimes it can be difficult to recall the exact names of the medicine you are on. Some people might forget their dosage also. However, you might want to write them down if you forget. Most of the examiners need a list of them before they begin.

Now that the five points are cleared up let’s answer some of the common questions.

Why should you get an Annual Health Checkup?

A full body health checkup is a routine practice. It is a crucial step in detecting diseases early on. Thus it helps in preventing bigger health issues. Your doctor will be able to diagnose any illness based on the test results and your symptoms. Some diseases are silent killers. And do not show symptoms until later stages.

Do Healthy Individuals need Health Checkup?

Yes, even healthy people should get full body checkup done once in a while. Even people who seem healthy from outside may be suffering from inside. Only the tests can identify an underlying disease. Do not wait for something to go wrong to get yourself a health checkup.

What are the factors for Full Body Checkup?

Undergoing a medical exam can be intimidating. But a healthcare practitioner usually guides you through the process by explaining what is happening. If you have any concerns, you should ask the doctor during the routine visits. This will help them get the correct tests done.

Here is a list of things the doctor will consider for a full body health checkup.

1. Family history:

It is important for the doctor to know if you have a family history of any kind of illnesses like diabetes etc.

2. Clinical history:

Carry your prescriptions and notes from previous visits to the doctors.

3. Your medical history:

You will be asked about any illnesses or diseases that you had earlier.

4. Personal Habits:

You will be asked about your drinking, smoking habits. Do not lie about them as it will make things difficult for the doctor for a clear diagnosis.

A routine full body health checkup consists of many tests like urine, blood, x-ray, etc. It might take up your whole day. You can go to a hospital for the tests; you could go to an accredited lab or simply book your package online and get your test done at home. Once you get the tests done and have your results, visit your doctor.

When it comes to your health, never delay visiting a doctor. Getting checked periodically is your best chance at catching a disease before it does the damage. For example, diabetes shows no apparent symptoms until later on. But, it continues to damage your organs in silence. Those who are unaware might not know until it is too late to reverse the damage.

Smart Advice

As essential as these checkups are, it is also crucial that you lead a healthy life. It involves exercise and a healthy diet. In most cases, your diet and lifestyle habits are responsible for the diseases. If you have any bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking, cut down for a healthy future. Hence, you will live a long and disease-free life with minor lifestyle changes.

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