5 Common Health Issues Seen with Increasing Age!

Getting older is just not grey hairs and wrinkles; it’s a lot more than that. Aging can bring a health issue daily but there are few issues that will hit you no matter what. When you attain that age, then you are sure to be blessed with that disease. Those are few diseases that you can be aware of.

Chronic health conditions are serious issues to be looked after

According to many researches, 92% of the seniors have at least 1 chronic disease and few have two. Heart disease and strokes are something that are commonly seen among the elders. Ever person who is aged above 60 is having a heart disease nowadays.

There are a lot of things that we can do to prevent these. Also, you must to be aware that these are possible health issues that you will face when you hit age 60. Few youngsters even get heart attacks and it’s a scary thing indeed.

Bound by diabetes and obesity?

The only thing that you can do is to be aware of what all chronic conditions will affect you. Diabetes is another nightmare which follows a person in heredity. If your father has, then you are bound to have is a myth. With certain medical implications it can be avoided.

Obesity is another health issue, which you will see in older adults. The problem in obesity is that the old aged people will also not be able to exercise or do any physical activities to lose weight. Obesity can be in control, only through physical activities but elders will be unable to do it. Certain lifestyle behaviors that are exercised regularly can help you prevent these chronic health conditions.

Cognitive health is unavoidable

Cognitive health is simply the mental health that are mentioning. When you see aged people forgetting things and they will recall it after hours, you might feel that they are doing some silly actions. But it is true that the cognitive health issues will hit them after a certain period. Their organs tend to respond late when aged. Most common cognitive health issue is dementia where all your cognitive functions will not happen. There are a lot of medications to manage this kind of diseases and there will be a different treatment plan that will work for them.

Mental and physical health conditions affect your lifestyle & Age

According to WHO, there are 15% of the people who suffer from mental disorder and it is a stage of depression. Only 7% of the population are diagnosed and treated on time, rest all are not treated and undiagnosed. It will help you treat the depression and promote betterment in lifestyle conditions.

Every 15 seconds, elders are admitted in emergencies for a fall. The elders even die every 29 minutes because falling unknowingly. Age problems are just a factor and not a threat. It can always be diagnosed. Physical health problems can be treated when you are extra careful and mental health problems can be diagnosed when you stay active and on your toes.

Malnutrition is commonly seen

Nutrition plays a vital role and it is the same with elders who want to take care of their body. It is a problem faced when you have muscle weakness and muscle problems. When you take the right amount of nutrients and minerals on the youthful age, then it might not affect you as malnutrition during your old ages. Else, it is still a problem during your old ages. It is often underdiagnosed or never diagnosed until it creates a big issue. There are a lot of causes of malnutrition though it might seem like a silly problem. Depression, alcoholism and dietary restrictions are few among them.


Committing to minor changes in the diet that you consume will help you stay away from malnutrition. Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables and decreasing the junk foods that you consume will make a change that you have never ever dreamt of. Food that you eat is very important and it will solve all the nutrition deficiencies that it has.

Incontinence and constipation are other 2 issues to be addressed when we talk about aging problems. Age-related changes include change in bowel movements. It will literally keep you on toes. You must take care of your bowel movements in place, to see if it will not affect anything else. Because of other bowel movements, you are not supposed to get affected with other diseases. Constipation can be corrected with proper food intake.

The takeaways

There are few aging problems, that will hit you no matter what. The best way to deal with it is to diagnose them frequently. Also, stay calm and think that all of it happening to you is a natural process. Socialize with people of the same age circle and engage yourself in other activities.

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