4 desk stretches to try at work

Our body needs to perform a certain set of actions to remain healthy. Certainly, no human being should avoid it. But looking at the bigger picture, we all know that our concern towards physical activity is only present when there is some sickness or disease that gets triggered.

Surely, money, fame, and self-actualization needs are important but can they be thoroughly enjoyed without having proper health? No, certainly not! If you are someone who spends almost all the hours of his day struggling with his desk job, then you can definitely not put your job as a reason to not indulge in physical activity. We are going to introduce you to some of the easiest and most effective stretches of all time that can help you maintain a healthy body without going to the gym or hampering your work.

Why is some form of stretching very important for the human body?

  • To maintain coordination:

When one does not indulge in any form of exercise or stretching, then the muscles tend to get very weak due to which there is a disruption in the work which is to be, performed.

  • Eliminating fatigue:

We all know that people who are always busy with their work sitting at their desk tend to get, tired very easily. So we all must include a basic set of physical activity in our daily curriculum to make sure muscles are strong enough to perform all the basic functions without any fatigue.

  • To maintain the proper functioning of all the systems of the body:

Stretching and some sort of physical activity is very important for functioning properly because when all the parts are not stretched; then the internal organs also find it difficult to carry on there regular functioning. So make sure, to perform some form of stretching every day.

Given below are some easy stretches that will allow you to maintain proper health, while also focusing on your work.

Stretched to perform while being at work:

  • Touch your toes:

Keep your leg tilted forward in a straight position and try to touch both the toes with your hands on sides. You can even inhale when you are trying to touch your knees as this will help you attain an active digestive system. Inhaling and exhaling during exercise also helps in keeping up a proper respiration process.

  • The shoulder movement:

Whenever you spend a lot of time on the desk he or she often complaints of the stiff shoulder. This usually happens because the shoulders all the time are, placed in a certain position, due to which the muscles get used to that particular position. Whenever that person wants to do some other task that requires a different shoulder position, it results in a very strong pain in the muscle.

So if you wish to overcome this pain sit straight on the desk and keep both of your hands on the sides. Now, move your hand up in the air as if trying to showcase a circular shape. Let your hands stay in that position for a few minutes and then, bring them back to their original position. You can do this 3-4 times and you will feel comfort for sure.

  • The all-rounder neck stretch:

This is the easiest of all the stretches and can be, performed almost anywhere; even in front of a group of thousand people. All you need to do is rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise; forward and backward and on the sides as well. When one sits on the desk for a long period of time; his neck usually gets, used to that particular position and when the muscles are not, relaxed time to time; it results in a lot of unbearable pain. If you do this sort of easy exercise you are able to relax your neck muscles easily.


  • Hold the leg high:

This exercise aims to make sure that the muscles of your legs are, given enough time to relax and move. First of all lift your left from the ground almost; parallel to the surface then hold it in the same position for as many minutes as you can. Now try to lift your leg as high in the air as you are capable of. Perform this stretches for around 5 to 10 times, whenever you are free. This stretch also helps in strengthening the core muscles of the leg, thus making them more strong and capable.

These are all some stretching positions that must be; performed every day to make sure that the body is able to function properly without any hindrance.

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