3 Week Sugar-free Plan Can Boost Your Health For Good

A sugar-free plan fascinates everyone. However, it’s difficult to spend even a few weeks without sugar. People seeking weight loss must choose 3 week no sugar plan. Many adults are consuming more sugar than their required dose. Hence, reducing the sugar content is a beneficial route to good health. Some people cut off the sugar entirely from their diet by taking it to the next level.

The sugar is directly converted into your body by giving an instant energy spike. Later on, the body demands more sugar. All of this happens due to added sugar in most of the products. One can have sugar in the form of fruits and some of the vegetables as well. But refined sugar harms your health in many ways. Specifically, this leads to weight gain, diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol-related problems.

These days’ people go for the sugar-free plan in an attempt for weight loss. This way one can avoid additional health problems as well. To know the benefits of the three weeks no sugar, let’s understand why one should give up on sugar.

Why a Sugar-free Plan?

The main reason to cut off sugar is the excess amount of its consumption. Most people fulfill their daily needs solely on the basis of sugar. Having a sweeter tooth confines them from other necessary nutrients. Importantly, this sugar intake does not include the natural form of sugar. Consuming excess sugar increases the risk of the following disease:

One should choose a sugar-free plan and fill the diet with the necessary daily nutrients. Most importantly it will help in controlling weight. Consequently, a lot of problems are avoided.

One should follow 3 week sugar-free plan to go off from sugar. In order to make it count, one can apply the following tips:

Take it Slow

This tip is especially for the people who find it difficult to give up on sugar. Switching off between the binary states is the slow process. Slowly one can proceed towards the 3 week sugar-free plan. In the beginning, one may start the plan by cutting off the visible sources of sugar. These include bakery stuff and all. Cutting bakery food items is especially tough for girls. Avoid candy and soft drinks with added sugar in them.

Going one step further, one may choose to have sugar free coffee or tea. Slow and steady one can move to the cutting sugar for 3 week.

Read Product Labels

When you are strict on the diet regime, make sure to read the ingredients on the packed foods. By doing so, you can identify the type of sugar one should avoid. There are almost 60 different types of sugar used in a variety of foods. Some of these are healthy whereas others are just harmful to your health. These include the syrups and concentrate used for the baking purpose mostly.

Thus, one should know the types of sugar used in a particular food item. Few healthier sugar variants are brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup, etc. Plus, sugar extracted from fruits can be consumed in a limited amount. Contrary to this, refined sugar or sucrose is just not right for your good health.

Avoid Simple Carbohydrates

Sugar-free Plan

The sugar-free plan also excludes the consumption of simple carbohydrates. These are mainly found in refined flour, white pasta, rice, etc. Consuming simple carb is not good for health. It gets converted to sugar in the body readily. Hence, it leads to the sugar spike in the blood sugar level. Therefore, simple carbs take the risk of type 2 diabetes to the next level.

Focus on Whole Foods

This tip is especially for people who want to stick to the sugar-free plan. Since processed food is nothing but gives you a sugar rush. They should stick to the whole food. These may include vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, nut and seeds, etc.

A small number of dairy products can be included. One can also opt for low-fat dairy products.

Plan Meals

It is difficult to stick to one particular diet plan. No matter which diet you chose, you feel like binging to other food items when you are hungry. The best way to avoid this is to plan short meals throughout the day as well. Thus, you can stop that extra binging on foods.

To simplify this, a plan for the full week could be decided. Plan your shopping and prepare your food accordingly.

Risks and Considerations

Before going for the 3-week sugar-free plan, one should choose the type of sugar they want to quit. You can either eliminate the natural sugar or refined sugar only. Eliminating natural sugar also means the exclusion of fruits from your diet. Since fruits are full of antioxidants and essential nutrients, it is hard to find a substitute. Hence, including fruits in the sugar-free plan may sound beneficial.

Also, removing sugar completely may not be a good plan for weight loss. Rather one may choose exercise and natural sugar in daily routine.