20 Food Chunks that help in weight management

How can food help in weight management?

Food is the main source of nourishment to the body. Food is metabolized in the body to release energy which is further utilized by the body to perform various functions throughout the day. Watching what you eat is the best way to control and manage weight. Whatever we eat shows up on our body. By overeating or indulging more in high-calorie diet we simply invite overweight condition. However, eating such superfoods which boosts body metabolism and are low in calorie we can easily avoid excessive weight.

20 Food chunks which can help in weight management


It is the easiest and the best option for snacking while on weight loss plan, serves as a best filling breakfast meal, loaded with protein which curbs appetite for a couple of hours. Scrambled eggs with toasts or mushrooms are delicious to begin a day with. Also, extremely low in calorie content.

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It is fiber rich food which is digested slowly by the body hence makes one feel full for longer. Instant porridge of oats or a modified oat based rolls is all best to quench the hunger in a healthy way. They also boost metabolism and helps in weight loss.


These are one of the best for losing weight. It contains high amounts of soluble fiber and protein. Lentils have many available varieties, rich in protein which regulates blood glucose and further prevents fat build up in the body.  You can use or eat in soups, or by cooking it in salads or pasta.

Low fat or skimmed milk:

Milk is a protein-rich drink. It also contains many vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Good source of daily calcium triggers metabolism to lose weight. Skimmed milk with corn flakes or in smoothies can be a healthy delight.


It is red phosphorus, lycopene-rich vegetable with high contents of water, one of the good foods for the heart, and helps in feeling full for sufficient period of time, use a snack, part of the salad or just like that, these are tangy flavor makes it a best-wanting ingredient of all Indian dishes.


Sprouted pulses, beans, and alfalfa are delicious and healthy for the diet conscious people. Steaming these up and simply adding them up in salads make up a good meal. Adding sprouts in the soups is even more delicious with the flavor of few seasonal spices to relish taste buds.

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Curb your dessert temptations with all the flavored yogurts available. These are low in fat and rich in protein and carbohydrates. Aiming for sugarless yogurts will be even better for the diet conscious ones.

Olive oil:

It contains high levels of monounsaturated fat which have anti-inflammatory action on the body. Replacing butter and cooking oils with olive oil and especially the extra virgin variety of it is considered most healthy for the cooking. However, consuming the minimum possible amount of olive and limiting it to 1-2 spoons a day is preferred.


This vegetable is high in fiber and low in calories. It can be cooked as a vegetable meal or as a low-calorie diet dessert with honey or artificial sweetener.


Obtained from soybean various soy products are rich in fiber, omega-3-fatty acids, and isoflavone. It serves the purpose of fat-free milk, cheese, and soy chunks as snacks. Soy chunks can also be added in salads for a healthy relishing fibrous diet.

Green tea:

It is an herbal tea enriched with natural antioxidants and stress buster theanine. Various herbal tea preparations are available with flavors. It aids in digestion and promotes healthy heart and body. Caffeine free drinks for refreshing body and soul are good for burning excess fat while just resting and triggering metabolism.


This creamy food is a summer delight. The right amount of monounsaturated fats present in this fruit makes it ever want in the list of diet planners. It is rich in oleic acid which triggers metabolism and quenches hunger. This fiber and protein-packed fruit with the right amount of healthy fats help in melting away all belly fat.


This fish is a good source of lean animal protein. It makes one feel full for longer without consuming any fat-rich diet. Healthy fats present in this boost up body metabolism and helps in losing weight.


These are tiny powerful anti-oxidant packs. They have the best anti-aging properties. A cup of its serving gives only 80 calories with a bunch of fiber and anti-oxidants. Which prevent free radical formation in the body and hence delay the aging process.


This is the veggie delight and known for its anti-cancer properties. It is a good punch of fiber with lesser than 30 calories in a single serving. It prevents weight gain. One can eat as raw or can cook in salads or as an individually cooked recipe.

Brown rice:

It is healthier than the normal white rice. Full of fiber content. This is a healthy carbohydrate type which triggers metabolism and helps in burning fat. It is a low energy density food which isles in calories but makes one feel full.


It is rich in antioxidant (resveratrol), found in the skin of grapes. It prevents fat storage in the body. This drink helps to achieve narrow waistlines as it burns more belly fat and avoids its further storage. A glass of this drink can burn calories for up to 90 minutes after drinking it.

Dark chocolate:

It is pleasant to rejoice for the ones who love chocolates, also slows down the entire digestive system and makes you feel full for longer and eating less in the next meal, rich in MUFAs (healthy fats) which boosts metabolism by burning excess body fat and calories and helps in curbing odd salty or sweet cravings and serves as a mood appetizer.

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These are small packets of healthy fatty acids which quench the small hunger. It triggers belly fat reduction by burning it, an excellent source of guilt-free snacking in between the meals.


It helps in suppressing appetite, rich in antioxidant chlorogenic acid (CGA), which triggers utilization of body fat and hence increase body metabolism. CGA even slows down the glucose release which lowers the insulin resistance which is good for inhibiting weight gain after eating meals.


Superfoods like fresh veggies, fruits like berries, avocados, oranges, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and several others aids in increasing metabolism. Consuming 5 to 6 small meals daily helps in speeding up the metabolism of the body. Eating it right in portion size as well as at regular intervals of time is the key to weight management. Managing weight is a lot easier than losing it altogether.


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