15 Tricks to Control Weight After 50

The connection between age and weight management

15 Tricks to manage weight even after 50


The connection between age and weight management


Age has no barrier and for a journey like weight loss, there is certainly no barrier of age or gender. If you are 50 and planning to begin with weight loss. You must do it as 50 is just a number feeling young is the way to live life. Beyond 30 years of age, each passing decade further slows down the body metabolism by 10%. Many vital hormone levels are off their standard ranges as we age. Body functioning is improper due to aging and it leads to saggy muscles, quick weight gain, and several health problems. Weight loss journey begins the day you are ready for it mentally as well as physically. It is an equal challenge for mind and body as both needs to work out in proportion to achieve the desired set goals.

15 Tricks to manage weight even after 50



  • Watch your calorie intake wisely:

    It becomes the first step to monitor and regulate how much calories you consume every single day. Today many mobile based applications, as well as other gadgets like fitness bands, are available to monitor heart rate and body activity and calories burnt levels. Also making a note of everything you eat initially can help in finding out where and how much to cut down on calories. Further using application based technology calorie consumption can be self-regulated by knowing what to eat and what to avoid. Also, a rule of 70/30 must be followed by which you must eat 70 percent of calories before dinner during the day and remaining 30 percent at dinner. Ideally must be 2 to 3 hours before going to bed so as to give enough time for proper digestion of food and have a comfortable sound sleep.



  • Melting the fat through menopause phase:

    This one is obviously for the females. Women tend to put on during pre and actual phases of menopause as the metabolism further slows down. In younger females weight is usually put on in the regions like breast and hips however in the older ones it’s the waist area where most of the fat accumulates due to low estrogen levels. Hence eating 200 calories lesser daily upon an average might help combat this situation.

  • A gradual decrease in calorie intake:

    The main motive behind this is to cut down calorie intake starting from 100 calories every two days and finally reaching a calorie deficit phase. When body utilizes more calories than consumed than it triggers the stored fat to burn and create sufficient energy required to accomplish the tasks. By this way weight loss can be triggered via calorie deficient phase buildup in the body. However, for this proper regulated amount of calorie intake needs to be thoroughly monitored using the online application for fitness and health.

  • Following a balanced diet plan:

    In this, You need to follow a well-balanced diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits. This ensures proper nourishment by getting a decent amount of fiber, protein, vitamins, and calcium. Sufficient amount of daily natural calcium intake which is found in milk helps in boosting weight loss mechanism. Healthy fat foods like nuts and oats must be eaten to curb snacking hunger during the day. Total of 5 to 6 meals a day helps in boosting metabolism to speed up weight loss.


  • Eating more lean proteins:

    The body needs proteins to function properly. Proteins further help in muscle buildup, enzyme, nail, hair, and saliva formation in the body. As aging progresses and you reach 50 a lot of muscle degeneration takes place so to cope up for that loss protein-rich foods like tofu, mushroom, steak, fish, lentils, legumes, nuts, chicken breast, beans, vegetables, and soybean are an ideal source of protein.



  • Crash dieting or skipping meals is a strict no:

    Skipping meals make a person hungrier. It hampers brain functioning and also reduces logical reasoning capacity. In that situation, a person becomes more prone to eat and snacking on unhealthy and calorie-rich foods. Skipping a meal also affects the metabolism and makes it slow. Eating every meal on time beginning with breakfast and ending on dinner is the right key to achieve success in weight loss goals. Also, ensure to eat breakfast within 1 to 2 hour after getting up. Healthy breakfast begins the day in the right direction and controls all vague upcoming cravings of the entire day.


  • Awaken your soul with yoga:

    As per your body comfort, yoga exercises under guidance for a duration of 5 to 50 minutes including breathing exercises helps in weight loss.


  • Brisk morning or evening walks:

    20 to 30 minutes of brisk walks in combination with a balanced diet triggers fat burn.


  • Cardio and strength training:

    Hitting a gym at the age of 50 is superb. It boosts confidence and determination for achieving goals. Such regular exercise under guidance helps in core strengthening and builds stamina.


  • Monitor your hormone levels :

    Being at the age of 50 there certainly are issues with hormones besides the weight gain. One needs monitor it, to identify any underlying cause of weight gain if any.


  • Prior beginning with any weight loss therapy you must consult your physician to rule out any complications that may arise due to any existing disease state.


  • Burst your stress out:

    Stress leads to overproduction of cortisol hormone which leads to weight gain. Hence doing few stress busters like shopping, self-pampering, occasional indulgence in favorite foods might help to shed extra stress off the course. Working out with friends or spouse also builds an emotional connect and motivation besides making you enjoy it more.


  • Hydrating the body with sufficient fluids helps in flushing out all toxins from the body.



  • Reminding about goals keeps up the motivation levels:

    For a long weight loss journey, motivation is essential to avoid any give up situations. Also, it builds up the enthusiasm to take yourself ahead one step harder on the mission.


  • Love and accept yourself without looking for perfections: Being 50 starting the weight loss journey and doing all it required to reach a flat tummy goal. Accept you have done it all till now and love the way the results are even if they are not exactly like you wish. It is inner beauty and effort which accounts more than outer beauty.


Aging might add up few more challenges like a person of 50 cannot do exercises which a 20-year-old can do. However, don’t make it a reason for disappointment instead, take it as a healthy challenge. The slow beginning and constant modified efforts make the person of any age capable of doing all possible exercises in their comfort zone as per their health.

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