10 Weight Management Tips During Pregnancy

What is pregnancy weight gain?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It comes as a blessing, bundle of joy whereas on the contrary, a women’s body has to undergo a lot of changes for that. One of the main challenges in pregnancy is of weight gain. It appears prominently during the second trimester of pregnancy phase. Maybe because the first trimester usually flies off without noticing much weight gain as the focus is on eating to get baby healthy. Obviously, it is a challenge to eat for two instead of one.


But if eaten rightly in right quantities gaining excessive weight can be avoided during pregnancy. Recent research reveals that for extremely overweight women with body mass index (BMI) more than 30, it is healthy and beneficial to lose weight during pregnancy following right regime of diet and work out. On for others, it is always best to take precautions and be fit instead of losing weight during pregnancy.

How is excess weight gain during pregnancy harmful?


The mother keeps the baby inside for the duration of about 40 weeks giving nourishment and proper care. However, while doing this if focus only gets on keep eating and eating than it might end up becoming a problem of excessive weight gain. This firstly will be difficult to shed off after pregnancy and secondly excess weight gain posses risks during pregnancy.

Beyond pregnancy, excessive weight gain will make the mother more prone to diseases any obese can have. During pregnancy, excessive weight gain might lead to several problems like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (a severe high blood pressure condition which might affect other organs), and even complications during birth like stillbirth, heart defects in the baby, C-section or premature delivery.

10 weight management tips during pregnancy.

Best way to lose weight is opting healthy lifestyle changes in diet and gradually losing weight with exercises. Dieting or crash diet is a strict no during pregnancy.

Following few ways can be extremely beneficial in losing weight gradually:

  1. Losing weight before getting pregnant is always recommended for the women who are overweight to avoid complications:

    It is always best, to begin with the healthy weight before planning a journey to being pregnant. Go for a doctor’s appointment to know few things before conception especially about normal BMI which will be considered healthy and know more about ways to lose weight in case it is suggested by the doctor. Also knowing how much to put on during pregnancy as per your body weight is the best.

    The recommended weight ranges are- gaining 11 to 20 pounds for obese women with BMI 30 and more, gaining 15 to 25 pounds for women with BMI 25-29.9, and gaining 25 to 35 pounds for women with BMI 18.5 to 24.9 (these are usually normally weighed women).

  2. Eating it right:

    Eating frequently and watching the portion size and keeping it small helps in avoiding more than required. Also as per a few recent types of research it has been recommended taking 340 extra calories a day during second and 450 extra calories a day during the third trimester for women with normal body weight. However, calorie count might vary for overweight or underweight women which can be discussed further if required with your doctor as per your body weight.


    Also snacking healthy with fruits, vegetables and high lean proteins between the meals is a wiser option and a good nutritional punch to quench your hunger.

    Also, fruits like oranges, pears, berries, plums, and grapefruits are full of vitamins, fiber and rich in water contents and keeps constipation away. Balanced eating is essential although it might seem difficult amongst all flooded cravings in pregnancy.

  3. Keeping yourself hydrated:

    It is best to avoid dehydration and drink as much water as you can. It helps in curbing excessive cravings by keeping you feel full, dilutes the urine and avoid any possibility of UTIs which is very important, avoids bloating and helps in managing weight. Pregnancy slows down the entire body system hence constipation can be best avoided by consuming 3 liters of water daily. You may even add lemon to it to make you feel good and curb any nausea.

  4. Easy and simple workouts during pregnancy is a big plus:

    Beginning with simple walking of 10 minutes daily and increasing 10 minutes every 30 days, making it 30 minutes by the end of the first trimester is good enough to keep you active. Further going for swimming, prenatal yoga, and few mild stretching exercises like squats, wall presses etc. will be added bonus. However, workout must be done either under the guidance or in a company for safety purposes. Precautions must also be taken to avoid any vigorous exercises like biking or running.

  5. Accepting the need to lose as early as possible:

    It is always best to acknowledge the concerns of being overweight and putting small efforts in coping with the problem. It is natural to gain weight in pregnancy however how much to put on must be controlled. Weight gain must only be just to keep baby healthy and not to complicate things for the little one. Also managing weight from the beginning is always easy than losing it all at the end. So recognize early and focus on putting continuous efforts in avoiding excess weight gain during pregnancy.

  6. Curb your cravings with healthy options:

    Cravings cannot be controlled during pregnancy neither is advised to do so. It is one of best enjoyable things during pregnancy, avoid putting on extra weight regular cravings of ice cream, change it with flavorfull hung curds or homemade smoothies with less added sugar. So every unhealthy craving must be replaced with healthy protein or fiber-rich options which are indeed good for the baby.

  7. Don’t stop and keep going:

    Expecting moms should not give up on their lazy routines due to just the mood swings. Instead each day they must focus on eating healthy, hitting safe workouts in their comfort and keeping their baby and themselves healthy. It might become more challenging as pregnancy progresses, however, keep going is the key to keep extra pounds at bay.

  8. Relish the occasional indulgence:

    After all daily masked ice-cream cravings must be paid off once in a while with a full-fat ice cream or a good calorie rich dessert. It helps in avoiding give up situations due to strong cravings. And it further let you do the masking craving thing regularly.

  9. Controlling weight must be a priority and a daily routine:

    Not even a single day must go without thinking and putting efforts to lose weight. So choose a way to remind yourself of your goal. Reach out for celebrity fit mom stories and get motivated.

  10. Go for complex carbohydrates instead of simple starch:


    Carbohydrates helps to battle with nausea in pregnancy. But foods like rice, white bread, and pasta being simple starch just raise blood sugar without giving much nutrition. However, complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread, and quinoa makes one feel full for long and curb cravings besides being nourishment punch.

It is always best to keep the weight in the recommended range during pregnancy. Following few simple daily tips can help in managing the excess weight during pregnancy and it can even help in avoiding any complications. Always, speak with your physician before starting with any regime during pregnancy.

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