10 Weight Loss Ideas After C-Section

Overview of C-Section delivery

Still looking pregnant and how long will it take to get to my normal belly?

How long after C-section I can begin with exercise?

10 weight loss tips after C-section.


Overview of C-section delivery

Cesarean section is a surgical procedure of delivering a baby and is commonly known as c-section. In this, a horizontal incision is made through the abdomen and uterus of the mother to safely deliver the baby. This procedure happens mainly due to medical reasons. Sometimes this surgery occurs before the due date of delivery however it happens in case of emergencies. Some of the reasons leading to c-section are the position of the baby, stalled labor, lack of oxygen availability to the baby, issues with the placenta or umbilical cord, health issues requiring an early delivery, and a history of c-sections.


Still looking pregnant and how long will it take to get to my normal belly?

It might end up expecting too much considering that post-delivery baby bump would just disappear. Because that is not going to happen so quick. It will take a few weeks to months for a bump to disappear.

Following are the few reasons for it:

  1. The uterus needs time to shrink: 

    Actual uterus weight is nearly 3.5 ounces however it weighs over 2 pounds even after delivery. It takes from 6 to 8 weeks for the uterus to return to its normal pre-pregnancy size. So patience and time is required for involution (shrinking of the uterus).

  2. Cesarean section causes retention of body fluids: 

    In C section patients often receive iv fluids during the procedure. It takes time to flush out these iv fluids from the body. Post surgery edema (fluid retention) is a common side effect. So all the fluids which were retained during and after pregnancy will eventually flush out of the system however it will take some time.

  3. Pregnancy weight buildup:

    In any healthy pregnancy, a woman usually puts on weight somewhere between 20 to 35 pounds. After delivery of a baby, only 10 pounds of weight is lost considering the weight of baby (6-8 lbs), amniotic fluid and blood loss (2-3lbs). Still leaving women with excess weight of 10 to 25lbs which is considered healthy and is required to nourish via breastfeeding and take good care of a baby.


How long after C-section I can begin with exercise?


C-section is a very common procedure these days for delivery of the baby but still, it is considered a major surgical procedure. A body needs sufficient time after surgery for healing and recovery. Since C-section involves cutting and removal of few muscles during surgery so recovery of wounds takes time. Wounds take its own time to heal and it is also important for the muscles to repair on their own before considering about losing weight.

The body takes 9 months for a process to develop and finally deliver a baby. In all this body of the mother goes through a lot of changes especially weight gain. Since it took 9 months to develop a big baby bump so eventually it will take months to recover from surgery and then few months to lose the entire baby weight. For few overweight woman it might take longer than anticipated time to lose weight following a proper diet, exercise and few lifestyle changes.


10 weight loss tips after C-section.


Begin with the journey of losing weight consulting your doctor once you are ready for it.

Follow few tips given below to help you reach your goals with ease:

  1. Breastfeeding:

    Every woman must breastfeed her baby. It not only provides nourishment to baby but also helps the mother to trigger the weight loss mechanism and it also keeps breast cancer at bay. It also speeds up the involution process by causing stimulation of uterine contractions due to the release of oxytocin hormone. The body has to work hard to secrete milk consuming nearly 300 to 700 extra calories daily to provide nourishment to the baby. To burn those many calories in a day through exercise lot of effort will be consumed and desired results might even not be achieved by doing so. Hence this is the best effortless way for moms to trigger weight loss mechanism.

  2. Use a Postpartum Support Belt:

    Usually, after 12 hours of surgery, the new moms are motivated to start moving around a bit. However, some women feel discomfort in the abdomen while moving post surgery. So to support the muscles and the abdominal region a belt is recommended by doctors. There are no fixed proven results to support that these belts help in weight loss. However, people do believe that they help in shrinking the uterus and do support shrinkage of the waistline as well which just speeds up the process of losing tummy in whole.

  3. Eat the right amount at right time:

    Always refer to eat a diet rich in nutrients and low in sugar and saturated fat contents. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and soy products are the best sources of nourishment while on postpartum weight loss regime. It ensures constant milk supply as well for the baby in the duct glands of the mother. Also, try taking 5 to 6 small portion sized meals in a day at intervals of 2-4 hours at a nearly fixed time daily to boost up metabolism.


  4. Start work out sessions:

    It is best, to begin with tightening and strengthening of abdominal muscles with simple breathing exercises. These can be done while sitting irrespective of being under-recovery or not. It helps the core muscles a lot. Later you may include cardio exercises in a regime like brisk walking, and swimming etc. Find out what best appeals you like Zumba, swimming, walking or any other modified version of exercises or just taking your baby in pram over the long walks. Go for it with a motivated mind to reach your goals of achieving the flat tummy.

  5. Hydrating the body:

    New moms not only do breastfeeding but also consider weight loss programs and do vigorous work out sessions to sweat out completely. Good amount of water intake must be a daily routine to follow. Water also helps to mask the cravings which tend you to eat any easy handful of snack within your first reach. So trying different healthy herbal teas will be relishing as well benefiting to the body which is trying so hard to reach out the best perfect shape after being through so much.


  6. Try a full body detox from inside out:

    Try to cut down all junk completely and rely only on fresh vegetables and fruit diet along with drinking lot of calorie-free fluids. Water helps the best in body detox. It will flush out all toxins from the body over the time. Getting fiber-rich diet with a lot of vitamin c helps to recover the body from inside completely.

  7. Reducing stretch mark appearance:

    Although there seems no direct link between weight loss and stretch marks. Still, their presence on the loose tummy might lower self-esteem. Few oils, cocoa butter creams, and lotions are available in the market to help fade the stretch marks by a regular application. Massaging the belly also helps in releasing any accumulated fluids in the region hence making it appear like losing weight.

  8. Get sufficient sleep:

    After being through so much the body needs rest. With the newborn around it will be hard to get enough of sleep. Still taking naps while the baby is asleep would be the best. Good sleep helps in taking off extra stress on body and helps in weight reduction besides it also improves the emotional health of the women. Not receiving minimum 8 hours of daily sleep triggers hormone cortisol release in the body which causes weight gain.

  9. Stay focused on achieving your goals:

    By daily reminding yourself of your portion size and rewarding occasionally with favorite foods and desserts.

  10. Utility-based:

    Using phone-based applications to monitor your activity and calorie count on daily basis.

After C-section, waiting for a sufficient period of time to begin with weight loss journey is important to avoid any future overweight situations. Following a balanced diet, breastfeeding the baby and taking sufficient sleep and rest are the few initial steps to achieve weight loss.

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