10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Without Skipping Meals

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Weight loss big Task?

What are the pitfalls of gaining weight?

How to Lose weight without skipping meals?


 Weight loss big Task?

Skipping meals to lose weight is a common myth of weight loss. Skipping meals makes you deficient in nutrients and vitamins that are needed to keep you healthy and is not advisable. Every time you lose weight, you have a chance of regaining fat; it is called visceral fat inside the body. It is a gel-like fat around the area of the abdomen and other parts of the body. When you make changes to your diet and eating habits, you can experience weight loss easily. Use this tips to know how to lose weight without skipping meals. Forget the fad diets that make you feel sapless and fatigued when you switch to them in the hope of losing weight. Instead,relish your favourite food while you lose weight feeling satiated and energetic.


What are the pitfalls of gaining weight?


Losing weight is essential for staying fit and is not a cosmetic problem alone. Obesity leads to serious health issues and can be fatal if left unchecked. Obesity affects the health of people at any age. If you are overweight during pregnancy, it can lead to short-term as well as long-term health issues.


Leads to Type 2 Diabetes


When there is weight and fat accumulation around the waist, poor eating habits, no physical activity, it leads to Type 2 diabetes and several other complications. When the blood sugar is above normal due to poor diet it causes strokes, diseases of the kidney, and also blindness.


Increases high blood pressure


High blood pressure is usually linked to obesity. When you are overweight, the heart has to work extra hard to pump blood to the rest of the body. Kidneys do the job of regulating blood pressure. When you have excess body fat, it affects the functioning of kidneys to regulate blood pressure leading to kidney problems.

Lose Weight


Risk of heart disease and strokes


In case of obese people, the heart has to work very heart to pump blood to various cells of the body. This alters the heart rhythm and also the way heart works to pump blood to the rest of the body. Increase in blood pressure can cause the arteries and blood vessels to burst. When you lose weight, you can keep the levels of your cholesterol and blood sugar at normal levels.


Fat cells lead to cancer


When you have more number of fat cells in the body it can lead to several types of cancer, as the fat cells hamper the growth of healthy cells. Those who are overweight are at the risk of developing from several types of cancer. These are the parts that are at the risk of being affected with cancer due to obesity.


  • Breast
  • Gallbladder
  • Kidney
  • Colon
  • Rectum


Snoring and sleep apnea


Excess fat that gets accumulated around the neck makes breathing difficult during sleep. This leads to sleep apnea making you feel sleepy during the daytime. If left unchecked it can also cause heart failure. Excess fat around the neck also makes the person snore during the sleep because it is difficult for air to pass through the neck making breathing difficult during sleep.


Fatty liver disease


Fatty liver disease can affect people of any age group including children who are obese. You may not be alcoholic but still develop this disease if you have excess body fat. Obesity can also lead to liver failure and other complications of the liver.


How to Lose weight without skipping meals?


You don’t need a fancy diet plan


One of the golden rules to lose weight without skipping meals is to eat breakfast every day. This way your temptation to avoid snacking is prevented. When you eat breakfast everyday, you end up cutting down calories by eating less throughout the day. You are low on calories, more on energy and productivity when you eat breakfast without skipping it. Fancy diet plans usually do not work as they leave you hungry craving for the foods that you love, and making you eat more. These are easy ways to lose weight by eating instead of skipping meals.


Say no to late night dine outs


Night-crawlers who work till late in the night develop the habit of eating very late in the night. Set a time when you will stop eating in the night and give your gut some rest. Avoid snacking late in the night or eating solid food at this time of the hour in the night. It can be tempting to have munchies with the late night movies or party, but avoid doing this at all costs if you are serious about losing weight without hitting the gym.


Eat more fruits and vegetables and cut down on meat


Vegetarianism might not be very appealing to those who love their platter of sausages and meatballs. Intake of fruits and vegetables as a part of your daily diet can help you stay healthy while losing calories easily. When you choose to snack on fruits instead of processed and fatty foods, you will have more water content with no hunger pangs. Leafy greens and fruits can keep your calorie intake to lower levels and high fiber, helping you stay fit as you lose weight.


Stress  leads to hunger


Stress is one of the factors that makes it difficult for you to lose weight because stress leads to hunger and overeating. Find activities that help you control stress and make your healthy food habits effective in reducing weight. Yoga, physical activity, meditation, music, art, and any recreational activity of your choice can help you reduce stress.


Do not cut down on sleep


Working late hours which leads to lack of sleep is a common cause of obesity. Lack of sleep gives you hunger pangs and make you eat more. The body need 8 hours to metabolise the fat inside the body. Lack of sleep increases your appetite and make you eat large meals not only leading to weight gain but also other health ailments.


Add more protein and fiber to your diet


Eating small meals at least 6 times a day and adding low fat protein and fiber can let you stay fit while losing calories. Adding protein and fiber to your diet stops you from overeating as you feel satiated by substituting your diet with these low-fat foods and ingredients.


Choose low-fat products


Low-fat dairy products, yogurt, salad dressing, and other condiments can help you lose weight without compromising on your favourite foods. Choose mustard spread instead of mayonnaise on sandwich for instance, to reduce weight. Cut down coffee cream and choose skim milk instead. Avoid creamy dressing and choose ingredients that are low-fat and organic.


Go on a walk daily


Buy a pedometer and increase the count of walking steps you take daily. If hitting gym does not appeal to you, early morning walks are not only good for health but also reduce weight easily. You can easily lose weight walking daily for a few minutes. Walking makes you active and reduces the fat around the waist. Walking helps you maintain consistent weight and gives you lesser chance of regaining weight back.


Eat healthy before partying


At a party you cannot be too choosy about the food you eat. Eat healthy snacks before you go to parties. This way you will not be starving and eat unhealthy food. Healthy snacking before partying lets you cut down on fat intake and keeps you healthy without killing your buzz to have a good time.


Drink more water and cut down on beverages


Choose citrus flavoured sparkling water instead of beverages. Drink more water throughout the day and replace your intake of coffee with fruit juices or herbal teas. If you are a caffeine addict, this is the healthy option to choose. This way you can lose weight fast.


Eating frequently in smaller portions is more effective that eating two large meals or skipping meals altogether. Avoid sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol if you want to lose weight. You can choose alternatives which are low-fat and still relish your favourite dishes to lose weight.





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