10 ways to hit your goals, without losing excess weight

10 ways to hit your goals, without losing excess weight

Before you even start to conquer a weight loss program, it pays to recollect this: You are not fat. You have fat. Getting thinner isn’t about fault or disgrace; it’s basically another goal to hit. To motivate you to achieve your objective weight and stay there, we analyzed the most recent research and conversed with top health specialists to aggregate the 10 precepts for weight loss that have been proved to show effective results. So let’s jump to these points.

  1. Weight loss is all about lifestyle:

    To transform yourself and remain like that forever, you need a major change in your lifestyle. It’s fine to break your lifestyle goals once or twice in a month. Change in lifestyle simply means a change in the way you eat, sleep, work and exercise. You must adjust your eating habits according to your work style. For example, if you are working at a desk job, you should know how much calories you burn on a regular day and then reduce your intake accordingly. In this simple way, you will help yourself in a great way to fight weight gain.

  2. Exercise:

    Our bodies are not designed to sit ideal. Even if you are the busiest person, you must go for a 20-minutes walk. Exercising does not completely imply that you should have a gym membership and you must workout daily. It simply means that you should move your body around in certain ways that all the parts get proper blood circulation. A 20 minutes morning or evening walk is sufficient for most of the people. It will not only keep you in shape but will also fill you with energy which will help you at your workplace.

  3. Treat mild hunger carefully

    Evening hunger is the most irresistible ones. You are in your office and as soon as the clock ticks 5, you rush to grab something to eat. It is completely fine as you are starving for food, but what is important that you eat the right things at this point. Most of us generally eat junk food at this time which later results in body fat. Replace that junk food with simple salads, fruits, juices, and other low carbs foods. Taking this simple step will reduce your calorie intake and as a result, you will start losing fat weight. Also, you can replace sugary drinks like cold drinks, packed fruit juices, etc with water. Drinking water will make you more active and will help you fight weight gain issues.

  4. Understand your calorie intake:

    The science of weight gain is quite simple provided that you don’t have any medical condition. The calories that you take throughout the day get converted into energy. However, if you are not moving around to burn those calories then they will get converted into fat. Now there are two ways to get rid of this fat, firstly you can reduce the calorie intake and secondly you can exercise to burn more calories. Reducing calorie intake is a better option here because it costs you no time, energy, and money.

  5. Know what to eat:

    This is another way to fight weight gain issues. Depending on your lifestyle and requirements, there are good foods and bad foods. Good foods are those which help you get more energy, contain nutrients, fibers, etc and have fewer carbs and fats. Bad foods on the other hands are those which have all the unwanted things in them like saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar, carbs, etc. Now, to fight weight problems, all you need to do is replace all the bad foods that you are currently eating good foods. In this way, you will take lesser calories and will be more fit in upcoming days.


  1. Have patience:

    Sometimes, when people are on a diet, the things they do like skipping meals (especially breakfast), drinking too much fruit juices, etc are unhealthy. You should understand the fact that our body has its own metabolism which cannot be changed overnight. It will take sufficient time to see healthy results. As a thumb rule, never skip a breakfast and eat minimum carbs and sufficient proteins in the dinner.

  2. The way of eating is important:

    Studies show that when you focus on what you are eating, the nourishments support your body in a better way. It is advisable that you should avoid other tasks while eating food. Chew the food for sufficient time so that it can get easily absorbed in your system.

  3. Monitor your progress

    Once you are on the right track, you should be monitoring your progress so that you know when you are done. This will avoid losing extra weight and will bring you in the perfect shape.

  4. Stress and sleep:

    Too much stress is your worst enemies as it brings many problems including weight gain. Well, you can fight stress in certain ways like reading, exercising, meditating, etc. and help yourself to get rid of numerous problems. A good quality sleep is your best friend as it restarts your body from toe to head. Try to avoid using gadgets at least an hour before you go to sleep. These gadgets are scientifically proven to reduce the quality of your sleep.


  1. Believe in yourself

    Your psychology is as important as the things that you do lose weight. Stay positive as getting thin is not just a task to complete but a never-ending journey which will keep you super fit and active throughout your life.


Losing weight is not rocket science at all. You can easily get in the right shape by following these simple steps. All you need to do is bring out small changes in your daily routine, make simple decisions like choosing a sugarless fruit juice over a chocolate shake, and you will see positive results in a month or two. The best part of it is that you will not gain any extra weight in future if you adapt to this lifestyle.


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