10 Tips of Ayurveda to Control Over-Weight

Overview of Ayurveda and weight control therapy


As per Ayurveda atisthula or medoroga is the term used for obesity. In Ayurveda obesity is an undesirable accumulation (also termed as nindya prakruties) of one of the eight most prominent substances of the body. In obesity, the fat cells or the medas are overnourished due to which the other body tissue or dhatus gets malnourished.

According to the philosophy of Ayurveda, the water and earth individuals are also known as the kapha type are more prone to weight gain.  The air and ether individuals also known as the vata type are usually skinny ones devoid of excess fat. The people with fire or vitta dosha possess the appropriate body weight, however, they might even tend to gain weight in case they lose their natural balance of the system. Slow metabolism is a result of Kapha accumulation over the time leading to obesity. A proper balanced diet and exercise with certain changes in daily routine are essential to recreate a body balance and eliminate the excess Kapha. In Ayurveda, the people with more Kapha in their systems tend to have a low BMR and hence gain weight very easily in comparison to others.

10 Ayurvedic tips to control weight

  1. Exercise is important for the mind as well and not just the body:

    By practicing meditation healing from inside is promoted for any disease. Since most of the disorders are due to some imbalances which build up in our body over the time. To regulate and repair all imbalances deep breathing and meditation works the best as per Ayurveda. De-stressing our mind helps faster healing from any disease. Fifteen to twenty minutes of daily yoga can help in weight loss prominently.


  1. The dry massage technique or Udvartana:

    It encourages weight loss and even helps in skin toning. By this method removal of excess cellulite occurs from the body and further it loosens the fat molecules and finally eliminates them entirely from the subcutaneous level. It helps in removing Kapha toxins completely from the body and promotes inner healing.


  1. Sleep cycles should be regular:

    Taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night at the same time helps in regulating all the hormonal levels of the body. Nature has created everything in balance and going against it needs to be paid. The people in historic times use to abide by all nature rules and hence were less prone to diseases and lived happily being healthy with longer life spans. However, today the life is on run and our work schedules and lifestyle are so hectic that we ignore giving proper rest and sleep to our body which creates an imbalance and leads to excess fat accumulation and improper digestion with results of obesity. So this sleep imbalance must be avoided to help with weight loss. Getting to bed early is the best tip to be followed for a healthy life and weight management.

  2. Awaken with an exercise routine:

    The best time to work out is between 6 to 10 a.m. During this time, specialist recommend to workout as the earth and water elements are at their peaks in the environment. Earth and water in combination create cool, calm, and slow inertia. It makes one feel good from inside with the benefits of inner healing. It awakens each body cell from inside and refreshes it with energy to start a new day. 40 to 50 minutes of vigorous exercise daily can help melt away all the stubborn fat.


  1. Cutting down on all snack temptations:

    It is best to avoid snacking especially unhealthy ones as it increases sugar levels in the body. Also drinking water is best to curb and pass the temptations calmly. It requires a self-control over eating. Not indulging in excessive sweet consumption helps in keeping calorie count in check and avoids overburdening the body with more weight.


  1. Including all 6 available tastes in the meals: 

    Ayurveda gives importance to all six tastes like sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent, and pungent. In order to feel full and satisfied from inside after meals, it is important to include small portions of all six tastes in each meal you consume.

    Although, one should avoid excess sweets, however, a small portion of it in diet will be helpful as it helps in energy production. Foods like dairy products, whole grains, meats, legumes, nuts, and fruitsare sweet in nature. Sour foods like citrus fruits, yogurt, pickle and fermented foods help in cleansing the body from inside.

    Salty foods like sea salt, fish, and other salty foods help in stimulating the digestive system and ensuring proper food absorption in the body for maximum benefits. All pungent foods like spices, peppers, ginger, cloves, onions, mustard seeds boost metabolism and clear sinuses.

    All bitter foods like dark leafy vegetables, coffee, and few herbs help in detoxifying the body. Astringent foods like green tea, pomegranates, and grapes create a drying sensation inside the mouth as they tone the tissues, reduce heat, and inflammation. Foods like oats, honey, barley, pulses like moong and arhar, soy, aamla, and bitter gourd are best to include in diet while planning for weight loss.

  1. Avoid oversleep:

    Avoiding long duration sleeps after lunch in the afternoon helps in avoiding sluggishness and keeps you more active.


  1. Focus on workout:

    Reminding yourself that it is Karma or efforts which is going to pay at the end. Beginning with goals is easy however to sustain and continue is a difficult task. A daily reminder of karma and constant efforts can help in weight control.

  2. Go for the largest meal at lunch:

    Besides taking three fully satisfying meals a day. Lunch should be the most relished one and thoroughly enjoy it avoiding any distractions of work or gadgets. Ayurveda believes in you, by what and how you digest and not by what you eat. So digestion plays a vital part in controlling the overweight situation. An imbalance digestive system of the body causes gaining weight in itself. Dinner must be very light so as it takes less effort for the body to digest it. Also, doctors recommend to eat dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.


  1. Drinking hot water or herbal tea throughout the day:

    Luke warm water infused with herbal leaves turns into herbal weight controlling green tea which is a health elixir as per the Vedic traditional medicine. As per Ayurveda various toxic substances like ama, accumulates in the body through external sources like pollution and pesticides and internal sources of anxiety, stress, and anger.

    One can only remove Ama from the body by making it dissolve in hot water. Hence few sips of infused herbs in warm water throughout the day will refresh your mind and body by removing the toxins and its effects.


As per Ayurveda, exercise of the body as well as mind along with few changes in daily habits can help in achieving control over excess body weight.

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