10 symptoms of thyroid you may be missing

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Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that produces hormones essential for metabolism and activity in the brain. Located above the Adam’s apple, the gland is responsible for producing thyroid hormone, which regulates your body temperature, heartbeat and metabolism, among other things.

How well your thyroid is functioning governs how well your entire system is running. If your thyroid is not functioning optimally, your body will drop subtle hints for sure.

Here are a few symptoms that we can catch early on to ensure the gland continues to function well.

  • Fatigue despite sleeping for eight to ten hours a night or even needing to take a nap often
  • Feeling cold and experiencing cold hands and feet – body temperature lower than normal
  • Weight gain or the inability to lose gained weight despite trying
  • Hormonal imbalance or infertility
  • Excessive hair loss, brittle nails or dry skin
  • Persistent muscle or joint pain
  • Difficulty to focus, with poor memory
  • Out-of-nowhere anxiety attacks
  • Swelling in the neck or hoarseness
  • Excessive sweating even when at rest

If you experience most or all of these symptoms, pay a visit to your doctor.

Here’s what you can do in parallel to avoid the onset of thyroid and to stay healthy in general:

  • Make sure your diet is high on vitamins or else you’re taking sufficient multivitamin with iodine, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin D and B.
  • Get sufficient sleep every night. Know what works for you best.
  • Manage stress through meditation and yoga. Restorative yoga helps your stress glands “adrenal glands” to cope better.
  • Heal your gut. Include probiotics in your diet and take care of your digestive system.
  • Avoid fluoride, bromide and chlorine from your diet and environment

Even if symptoms aren’t clear enough, ensure you visit your physician for a regular checkup. Also, try to observe the reactions of your body to food, sleep and exertion.

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