10 Steps to Achieve Your Weight Loss Resolution!

Probably you may never be able to reach the next Monday or fulfill your weight loss resolution if you will keep giving excuses. Taking care of your health is a priority and will always reflect in your personality.

Let’s go through the below listed 10 tips to help you stick by to your plan.

  • Planning Ahead

If you make your resolution on 31st December it will never work. Instead time it before the last day and prepare yourself for the same. Last minute things don’t work, if you plan well ahead, things will start looking positive for you.

  • Set Real Goals

Plan what you can achieve. Saying you will never have a piece of a pizza or a cake is being unrealistic. Instead you may start craving for that particular food which you are trying to avoid and may end up binging.

  • Partner with a friend

No matter how fit anyone would be, you can always ask your neighbor, your friend or your colleague to coordinate with you so that you remain enthusiastic throughout your plan.

  • Reward yourself

This doesn’t mean that you can start having three pieces of pizza or hog on that favorite chocolate pastry. Reward yourself by buying that dress which you thought you will never fit in or it could be a new fitness outfit to look lean and mean.

  • Keeping Track

Once you have set your goals and plans, start tracking them. Keeping short term goals help you stay motivated and will help you to achieve them faster.

  • Take one day at a time

Doing about 21 Suryanamaskars in a day and not doing anything the other day won’t help you in keeping your resolution. It is better to do the best you can each day, taking one day at a time. Don’t over exhaust yourself.

  • Be Persistent

It takes about three weeks or so to make this weight loss resolution your habit. Once it becomes a part of your personality there is no stopping you and you will see a fitter and healthier you.

  • Start Again

If you see yourself faltering by mid of February don’t lose heart, start all over again and don’t despair. Trying committing yourself again and tell yourself to do it within the next 24 hours. Anything can happen during the 24 hours timeframe. Why not rather stick by to your resolution?

  • Sharing is Caring

Use those selfies by posing your inch loss or it could be another nutritious dish. By making it public or sharing it on social media boosts you to keep working harder towards your aim. And don’t keep your resolution a secret, it may not help you. Rather who knows there maybe another friend waiting to be encouraged to undergo weight loss?

  • Address Possible Failures

What if you have a party where you will be eating late? Or they may have loads of junk food? Should you avoid eating? Well, don’t stop yourself but get yourself a quarter plate and take a spoonful of every dish you come across. Don’t stop yourself from eating just because you are on weight loss or you will end up feeling bloated.

Have a healthier and fitter 2019 with your weight loss resolution!

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