10 Diets You Should Never Try

Exercising contributes about 20% weight loss whereas dieting contributes to about 80%, as is often stated by major health researchers and there is definitely a lot of truth attached to it. It would certainly be a tough task to enjoy a dieting process especially when you are a foodie. Sometimes, in order to lose weight really fast, people jump on to diet programs that not only have zero impact but also cause serious interventions with the normal functioning of the body. Sometimes, people even start tracking celebrity diet programs that are under strict expert guidance and try to ape them which can be hazardous for their health.

To help you deter from such diet programs, here is a list of common diets that have a negligible effect no matter how earnestly you follow them.

  • Zero carbohydrates:

Some people have the notion that cutting off carbs from your diets is going to help them lose weight which always backfires. Even though an excess of carb might trigger weight gain but excluding them completely will start making one feel completely low on energy.

When someone cuts off carbs at such levels, then they start binging on other food items which might be low on the carb but only lead to more weight than before.

  • No sugar:

You might have seen some diabetic patients losing weight outrageously as soon as they cut sugar from their meal plans. This is somewhat a prime notion that encourages people to cut sugar completely and achieve the body of their favorite celebrity.

It’s also very important to know that sometimes diabetic patients start gaining weight as soon as they cut off sugar as different bodies have a different mechanism. It is always advisable to take sugar in limited quantity as even a small quantity can help you not binge on other junk the entire day, which will definitely help in weight loss.

  • The “no sweet” policy:

When one keeps on avoiding a sweet constantly, chances are that he/she might eat them in unlimited quantity as soon as he/she notices a reduction in weight, which banishes the whole aim of the exercise. One must definitely consume some sweets as they help you feel motivated and not like you are prisoners of war.

  • The strict vegan diet:

People often tend to go on a strict vegan diet which can be very dangerous for a body that has consumed non-veg food items before. By forcing your body to consume certain food items, you restrict its growth capacity and the sudden meal plan change can cause severe disruptions in the normal functioning.

  • Going for liquid diets:

You might consider tea, coffee, soup, water as your lifeline during this diet plan; but let us remind you without any solid meal; the body starts getting tired a lot easier. Its ability to perform normal functions also declines.

  • A raw food diet:

A lot of people consider raw food to be extremely healthy; but wouldn’t it be unfair for the body to eat food that the humans used to eat during ancient times.

Especially when our work has increased ten folds and energy demand is extremely high; living on raw foods can be a bizarre choice to make.

  • A rich detox diet:

This diet is often suggested by celebrities for food items or drinks; that they want to promote, such kind of diet works wonderfully; during the initial phase but as soon as the water content is all out; the body starts feeling fatigued all time and there is no visible weight loss taking place.

  • Zero meat in your diet:

People often start excluding meat from their diet; on a temporary basis and as soon as a little loss of weight can be seen; they are back on the track. This often confuses the whole digestive system and can backfire by leading to more weight gain.

  • Low-calorie diets:

As weight loss friendly this kind of diet seems to be, it certainly is not that great. Your body requires a certain amount of calories to function and all one must do; is to burn the excess calories; that they gain from every extra meal. This will definitely help in the longer run.


  • Shake diets:

As amazing this diet plan seems to be; it can be highly toxic for your body’s normal functioning; as it hampers the regular digestive process and starts creating a certain pattern of the meal plan. As soon as an individual shifts from this meal plan, the body starts gaining weight rigorously.

These were some of the diet plans that people often follow blindly; and are, disappointed as soon as the results do not match their expectations.

For a healthy body, it is very essential to understand its basic needs and to pamper it. A balanced diet and a proper exercising regime is the key to achieve a healthy body.

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