10 diet plans – worth trying

What is the importance of the diet plans?

10 Diet plans worth trying


What is the importance of the diet plan?

Diet is an important aspect of weight management. In order to lose weight or manage overweight a fixed healthy and balanced diet is a requirement. Diet is a source of full nourishment to the body. Adding few foods in the diet also boosts metabolism and helps in achieving weight loss goals faster. Weight loss journey involves both good diet and exercise combination to show back the effects. Today, various types of exercising and diet options are available. One can pick an exercise and diet regime as per choice and comfort and follow it strictly for getting the targeted results. A healthy diet is a good punch to combat the unhealthy fat in the body to burn it off by speeding metabolism.


10 Diet plans worth trying


  • The DASH diet:

    It is considered to be one of the best diet of the last year by the doctors and dieticians, provides a healthy approach to lose weight which is reliable for a lifelong period, consists of eating a healthy diet mainly containing fruits, nonfat dairy products, vegetables, lean meats like fish and poultry, whole grains, beans, and nuts, involves splitting up of the one serving into multiples depending upon the calorie content allowed to be consumed in one serving as per your body need, is an amazing way of losing weight and sustaining it for lifelong with no reversals after stopping this diet only if calorie intake is maintained.

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  • The TLC diet:

    It is also known as the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet,  usually recommended to such people who need to lower their cholesterol levels, a great weight loss program, involves eating on the only specific percentage of the required daily caloric intake instead of full. In this diet, the main emphasis is on low-fat foods as cholesterol is also a factor to be taken care of here. Few sweets or snacks are allowed in this diet in moderate amount if they fit as per the caloric intake for the day.

  • The Mediterranean diet:

    As the name suggests this diet mainly involves the Mediterranean cuisine spices and foods. In this diet plan, more focus is in eating plant-based foods like veggies, whole grains, fruits, and legumes. A lot of Mediterranean recipes and spices including fish and poultry are involved in this diet. However, unhealthy fats like butter are replaced with healthy fats like canola oil or extra virgin olive oil. As per this diet, health is benefited and metabolism is boosted by drinking a glass of Wine at dinner along with good weekly exercise.

  • The Paleo diet:

    This is a diet for modern humans although it is based on the early age diet before the agriculture developed. It follows a theory that all modern diseases are linked with western diet culture, involves a protein, veggies, nuts, fruits, whole foods avoiding any processed foods, dairy products, grains, and sugar. This diet results in significant weight loss and reduction in waist size, also effective in reducing cardiac risk factors.

  • The Vegan diet:

    This diet mainly relies on veggies and not eating any dairy or animal products and honey, gelatin, and eggs are even not allowed, basically, a way of ethical and healthy living being against any form of animal exploitation and cruelty, is one of the strict forms of vegetarianism as per diet regime. This diet plan is very effective for losing weight even without counting calories as the rich fiber diet makes one feel full for longer.

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  •  Low Carbohydrates diet:

    This is a popularly followed diet plan for the weight loss purpose. In this carbohydrate intake is limited on daily basis ranging between 20-150 grams. It aims to force the body to utilize stored fat as a fuel as a source of energy, involves eating protein-rich and healthy fat-rich diet along with limited carbs intake. Low carb diet also suppresses appetite and hence controls hunger automatically, also an extremely helpful diet plan for weight loss and targets the belly fat area and is helpful for obese and overweight people.

  • The Dukan diet:

    It is a protein-rich, low-carb form of weight loss diet, involves a specific low-calorie diet which is further split into phases of four- two weight loss phases followed by two weight maintenance phases. Stay duration in one phase is calculated as per the amount of weight required to lose. Each phase has its typical diet plan to follow. However, all the four phases rely on protein-rich diet plans with oat bran as the mandatory component in the diet.

  • An Ultra-low fat diet:

    In this fat consumption is restricted to 10% of calorie content. This diet is not that efficient for longer durations, mainly a plant-based diet with the limited intake of animal products and consists of 80 percentages of carbohydrates and 10 percentages of proteins in the diet composition, also effective for obese people to show effects and is used for short span just to hit the targets.

  • The HCG diet:

    This human chorionic gonadotropin diet is considered to be an extreme weight loss diet plan. In this very fast weight loss can be achieved with up to 1 to 2 pounds per day. It acts by boosting the body metabolism to hit the loss of stored fats without making hungry.A hormone-based diet plan which is further split into three phases. The first phase is of two days and during this HCG supplements are given.

    In the second phase (3 to 6 weeks) ultra-low calorie diet of only 500 calories induces weight loss daily, the third phase, HCG supplements are stopped and gradual food intake is increased. This type of diet, cons and side effects are most important to keep in mind, and is not FDA supported as well being extreme weight loss type of diet.

  • Fasting alternatively:

    In this diet plan, eating pattern rotates between periods of fasting and eating, this restriction is of eating time, not on the type of food. It is more of an eating pattern than any specific diet. It involves several ways to do the fasting. Some are as follows:

  • The 16/8 method:

    In this skip off breakfast and the daily eating period is of 8 hours, followed by fasting for the remaining 16 hours.

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  • The eat-stop-eat method:

    In this keeping 24-hour fast is once or twice a week is must.

  • The warrior diet:

    Eating small portions of raw fruits and vegetables during the day and one huge meal at night.


For workouts, a source of energy is a basic requirement, can obtain from a preferred low fat and low-calorie diet. Diet plan needs complete adherence to best results. Cheating by snacking on unhealthy food is only going to make the struggle of a weight heavier.

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