Why vaccinations aren’t just for kids!

Vaccines are aimed at preventing dangerous diseases that can spread easily from one person to the other. We need to take them as seriously as annual health check-ups to keep healthy. Else, we may risk serious illness and spreading diseases to our family and colleagues, when we get sick. Which vaccines we need depends on different factors such as age, lifestyle, any existing health conditions, locations of travel and any medication or vaccines we may have earlier received. Basis the new lifestyle and environmental conditions as well, new bacteria and viruses are being discovered. As a result, many new vaccines

Healthy gums, healthy heart?

The importance of keeping our teeth clean is something our parents and teachers always seem to have stressed on. And they, of course, talk from experience. Brushing after every meal, rinsing our mouth and flossing properly form the basics of dental hygiene and the earlier we adopt them, the lesser dental checkups we invite. If dental health isn’t motivational enough, we’d like to share some more health benefits that come with keeping the canines and gums in good shape. Having clean teeth and gums lowers the risk of heart related illness. Researchers from the Taiwan Veterans General Hospital found that

Beat health woes and enjoy the rain this monsoon

While few squirm at the thought of wading through slush on the streets, most of us await the rainy season as a welcome relief. Summer’s heat combined with increased humidity can affect our body. To ensure you are able to enjoy the rains, you must stay wary of the health woes the season can bring and be aware of ways to prevent any ailments. Here are a few tips to stay safe this monsoon: Drink filtered or boiled water as most diseases we catch during the rains are water-borne. Scrub all fruit and vegetables, preferably in a solution of 1:

10 symptoms of thyroid you may be missing

Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that produces hormones essential for metabolism and activity in the brain. Located above the Adam’s apple, the gland is responsible for producing thyroid hormone, which regulates your body temperature, heartbeat and metabolism, among other things. How well your thyroid is functioning governs how well your entire system is running. If your thyroid is not functioning optimally, your body will drop subtle hints for sure. Here are a few symptoms that we can catch early on to ensure the gland continues to function well. Fatigue despite sleeping for eight to ten hours a

Beat the bloat

The feeling of discomfort, expansion, carrying extra weight around is frustrating. Let’s assess a few habits that may be playing culprit. We all know the feeling that comes with being bloated! We blame overeating and probably not eating sometimes. However, there’s more that we should know. Salty much: Consuming salt in excess, especially when coupled with low water consumption or less mineral intake leads to water being taken out from the cells and being deposited into the spaces between cells. This gives the appearance of being puffy. Fool us not, sweeteners: Remember binging on sugar-free candies and feeling like a balloon right

Living Well With Diabetes

You may have heard people in your larger circle mention how their sugar is a notch high or they are slightly diabetic. This may seem as if the disease isn’t serious. That isn’t true. However, you can learn to manage it well. People with diabetes need to make healthy food choices, ensure their weight and body mass index is in check, exercise as well as take their medicine schedule seriously. It’s not easy, but it’s all about getting into a routine. When your diabetes is in check, which means your blood sugar is under control, you would have more energy,

Hypertension: As serious as the name!

Hypertension. Ever heard that term or used it for your state of mind when under stress? Either way, it does ring a bell – and it should. Stress and hypertension isn’t linked as per studies so far. However, taking steps to reduce your stress can improve your health as well as keep your hypertension in check. So, what is hypertension? Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure, which is a common lifestyle disease today. Hypertension is one of the most common lifestyle diseases today, with every third person we meet, having suffered from it. And experts say that even