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Blood test is a very important aspect of diagnostics. Doctors regularly refer to path test and blood tests to find more about diseases and symptoms. It helps them know through various bodily parameters, their fluctuations and appearance in the blood test. Commonly pathology test (path tests) also referred as lab test or diagnostic test could be done from blood test or any other bodily fluid or tissue like urine, stool, saliva etc. Diagnostic test can be as basic as CBC test which tells about various components of blood or as complex as biopsy which is a sample collection done to determine presence of cancer. Diseases, disorder, hormones and many other factors shows some changes or presence of certain chemicals in our blood which helps doctors to identify, monitor or regulate the disease or disorder. Blood test is a very critical step in diagnosing the problem so it is imperative that it is reliable. The reliability of a blood test or path test depends on a variety of factors ranging from how the blood sample was collected to how it was transported, at what temperatures it was kept and which techniques were used to process the samples and get the results. KlinicApp offers a variety of lab tests which free home sample collection.This is you can get your blood test done at home with out paying any extra charge for the technician to come and take the sample. You just pay for the test. KlinicApp gets these blood test samples processed at NABL, ISO and CAP certified labs which are of very high quality standards. You'll get your reports online on the app and on email so you can see and share them with your physician. You can also request for a hard copy of your lab test report.