Advance Vitamin Profile

Advance Vitamin Profile

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  • Specifically designed: osteoporosis, rickets
  • Includes: B12/ Cobalamine, 25-Oh Vitamin D, Folic Acid
  • Ideal for adults aged 40 to 64
  • Free home sample collection

 Why test for Advance Vitamin Profile

Advance Vitamin Profile screening helps to check the parameters of B12/ Cobalamine, 25-Oh Vitamin D, Folic Acid, to diagnose the reason behind your health problems. Vitamin D mineral is an essential mineral required by the body in retaining calcium and keeping up solid bones for a lifetime. The reason for such problems happening to many is because of the sedentary lifestyle, over-weight, inherited This package is designed for those who are suffering from Vitamin deficiency or Vitamin overdose. The test mainly detects bone health issues such as osteoporosis, rickets, arthritis, etc. Individuals suffering from health problems related to Vitamin B12/ Cobalamine, 25-Oh Vitamin D, Folic Acid, should opt for this package. This Advance Vitamin Profile Package provides blood tests and other related diagnoses.

The Advance Vitamin Profile covers parameters that assess the purposes for the bone disorder. Lack of Vitamin B12 indicates in the lessening of healthy red platelets that influences the nervous system. Everybody is facing problems due to their sedentary lifestyle, and with the shortage of time, we generally ignore the symptoms. Hence, this preventive health checkup is customized accordingly to let you understand and identify the major causes and reasons for unusual physical changes in your body. 

This package is suggested for people of all ages, aggregate for an essential wellbeing appraisal. The diagnosis is done against the maladies identified with thyroid, lipid, kidney, and liver profile, as well as those related to osteoporosis, rickets and a variety of bone disorders that will be tested accordingly.

A routine health checkup will give you peace of mind and optimism when you get to know the options available for your further treatment if detected with any symptoms and disease.

03Parameters included in Advance Vitamin Profile