3H Profile

3H Profile

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  • Specifically designed:   STD/STIs
  • Includes: Hepatitis B & C, Elisa for HIV and HIV 2
  • Additionally Covers:Standard package for Chlamydia
  • Window period: 28 days
  • No Fasting Required
  • Free home sample collection

Why test for 3H Profile

The 3H profile screening helps to check the parameters for Hepatitis B & C, Elisa for HIV and HIV 2. These parameters help to diagnose if anyone is being detected with STD/STIs. One of the vital organs of the body is the liver that is responsible for detoxifying chemicals, metabolizing drugs, filtering the blood from the digestive tract and few more functions.

Hepatitis is a type of infection that is caused in the liver. And the inflammation of the liver develops into hepatitis. It can be caused by various types of virus leading to the infection due to which it is often called viral hepatitis. Thus, Hepatitis B is also a liver disease that is caused through the type of Hepatitis B virus (HBV). In terms of its severity, the infection can be seen in mild form to acute infection that lasts for a few weeks to chronic form that lasts as long term disease. The long term infection can even lead to the formation of liver cancer.

One can be contracted with the Hepatitis B infection when one comes in contact with already infected semen, blood, or through any other bodily fluids. The infected gets transferred from an already infected person through mode of sexual intercourse or by sharing infection syringes (needles) to inject drugs or from an infected mother to a newborn through breastfeeding.

Elisa test helps to diagnose and detect the infection of HIV antibody. The test checks for particular proteins that are produced by the body in response to the HIV infection. During the process of the test the sample collected will be poured into a cassatte containing the viral protein named which the called the antigen. If there is presence of antibodies to HIV in the blood, it will lead to binding of the antigen that will result in the change of colour of the contents from the cassette. Thus, being a very sensitive test, this process is widely used to detect HIV infection. This package also additionally covers the Chlamydia test.

03Parameters included in 3H Profile