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Blood Tests, Full Body Checkup at Home

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Popular blood tests

Our blood test at home service offers wide range of blood tests with free sample collection from your home.

Our Benefits

Save time with affordable redefined progressive diagnostic services at your doorstep

High Quality

Higher quality blood test

At KlinicApp we provide the best at home blood tests service available in India serving through highest standard path labs with quality certifications like NABL, ISO and CAP.

Lower Cost

Lower cost

KlinicApp is a direct to consumer brand which helps them eliminate any blood test cost associated with serving customer through traditional channel like around the corner path labs.

Convenience at home

Blood test at home

KlinicApp brings blood tests and health checkups to your doorstep, no need to visit path labs and to top that we don't charge collection fees on home sample collection.

Online Reports

Reports online

KlinicApp provides online reports for most of our blood tests within 24 hours of sample collection. You can check these reports on our app as well.

How blood test at home works?

KlinicApp helps you get your blood tests and health checkup done right from the comfort of your home. We have expert technicians (phlebotomists) who have years of experience in sample collection to bring you hassle free experience.

Some good reasons

Why to choose KlinicApp for your blood test needs

+ 101 Lac blood test done

We have done remarkable no. of blood tests in a short span of just 3 years. KlinicApp is one of the fastest growing e-diagnostic company.

+ 1100 blood tests available

With more than 1100 blood tests available at one place we provide one of the most comprehensive list of tests for your diagnostic needs.

Customer support

We are always there for you, our customer support team work 7 days a week to help you with your booking and sample collection.

Download our app

Download our app (available on Android and IOS) to keep your health at your fingertips. Some benefits of our app:

  • 1Book blood test and health checkups quickly
  • 2Always accessible reports
  • 3Save with exciting app only coupons

What our customers say

At KlinicApp customer is the center of our world. And happy they are.


Anubha Rai

During my pregnancy I had to get regular tests done and with KlinicApp it was such a breeze. I can't imagine going to path labs every other day. It is higly convenient and also saved me a lot of money. Booking through app is absolutely hassle free. Keep up good work....


Chinar Samant

My wife has thyroid so we use to get her thyroid profile checked every month or two. It was a real trouble to arrange for sample collection at home or take my wife to the path lab. With KlinicApp I can schedule a test at my convenience. My wife is happy too. all thumbs up to KlinicApp.....Thank you guys..



My friend told me about this app (KlinicApp) which he used to book path tests. I didn’t understand this whole lab test thing and would always get the test done at the hospital itself. But when he told me that its three, four and at time five hundred percent more expensive there I realized the value of this app.


Karan Issar

Till the time I booked my test through KlinicApp I didn't know what a test could cost ACTUALLY. I downloaded their app to book a home sample collection, it is super easy. And got reports online within 24 hours . Wonderful experience, Always book and save....highly recommended

Blood test at KlinicApp
Klinicapp being the largest online health tech brand is providing diagnostic services at your doorstep across pan India in various cities. It includes Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and many more. We offer various path tests including Thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH test), Liver profile (Liver Function Test), Lipid Profile, HbA1c, Fasting Sugar Test, CBC, many more. We also provide many broad health checkups (health checkup) like Fully Body checkup, Healthy Heart Checkup, Diabetes Test with various other health packages customized and designed to suit your needs. There are free home sample collection services as well through our standardized services. It follows by the visit of our well-trained phlebotomists who are highly trained in hygiene sample handling when visiting for sample pickup. All the blood tests are conducted in NABL, ISO and CAP certified labs in order to give standardized reports (smart reports with consolidated health history).

We Aim For the Best
We aim at creating quality healthcare experiences in pursuit of your health and wellbeing. Putting forth our customer satisfaction is our top priority by developing seamless care to cater to your needs. Our well trained and outstanding phlebotomists take you through a simple process of a blood test at your desired location. You can just call us for a blood test at 888-255-0000 or download our app from your android or apple store. We are here to guide you throughout the process of booking your online appointment to sample collection of a blood tests by our specialized experts to fetching your online report within 24 hours of your test to the delivery of reports at your doorstep. Providing you a pleasant experience in getting your test done flawlessly by just saving your time will always remain our focus in order to serve you better every time you choose us. We have crafted low priced health packages by combining your needs with technology to redefine our customer engagement experience.

Health Checkup at KlinicApp with Free Home Sample Collection
Health checkup allow us to be upbeat in anticipation and early recognition of health issues that can and are supposed to be cured at all ages. Our platform has a customer-friendly approach which runs seamlessly. One can book any test or package either at our website or by downloading the app that is available on Android and iOS. The customers can opt for both online and offline mode of payment while booking their test/package along with their preferred date, time and location as per their convenience. It follows the visit of our trained phlebotomists at the locations requested by our customers. After collection of the sample, our phlebotomists transfers it to our partnered NABL, ISO, CAP labs and most of the test reports are available within 24 hours of the test.
Regular health checkups and tests can help discover tribulations sooner than they start. They also can facilitate, found issues in the early hours, when your probability — for healing and alleviation, is better. By receiving the accurate wellbeing screenings, services, and treatments, you are intriguing steps that aid your chances for a livelihood a longer, healthier living. Your era, health and folks history, routine choices (i.e. what you eat, how active you are, whether you smoke), and further an imperative factors collision, what and how often you need a health check-up.

Why to go for Health Checkup?
Standard Health Checkup registration and tests help identify issues early, which help in counteractive action. By getting normal wellbeing registration, screenings, and medications, the odds of getting severe medical issues will be less. They help in enhancing health check-up, propose the way of life changes to make health more advantageous. So as to decrease this hazard, various health check-ups or screening tests are suggested at various phases of our lives.

How a Health Checkup can improve your Health?
A perfect Health checkup ought to be a far-reaching screening program that is customized to suit the necessities of an individual and not only a standard arrangement of blood tests. It ought to include point by point physical examinations and interview by experienced doctors for medical problems that the individual could be inclined to because of his/her own medical and family history or way of life. Frontline innovation together with clinical mastery gives precise and dependable demonstrative outcomes. A genuinely advanced and contemporary wellbeing check must incorporate a customized mind continuum to arrange for that expands the mind past the health check-up. This is the thing that ensures unmatched and customized security.