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High Quality

Higher quality standard

At KlinicApp we have the best diagnostic labs available in India having highest standard of global quality certifications like NABL, ISO and CAP.

Lower Cost

Lower cost

We are a direct to consumer brand which help us eliminate any cost associated serving customer through traditional channel like around the corner path labs.

Convenience at home

Convenience at home

We bring diagnostic services to your doorstep, getting you rid of visiting labs and to top that we don’t change collection fees on home sample collection.

Online Reports

Reports online

We provide online reports to our users within 24 for most of our tests. You can check these reports on our App as well.

Diagnostic at home

KlinicApp helps you get your lab tests done right from the comfort of your home. We have expert technicians (phlebotomists) who have years of experience in sample collection to bring you hassle free experience.

Some good reasons

Why should you choose us for your diagnostic needs.

+ 61 Lac tests done

We have done more than 52 lac diagnostic test in a short span of just 2.5 years. KlinicApp is one of the fastest growing e-diagnostic company.

+ 1100 tests available

With more than 1100 tests available at one place we provide one of the most comprehensive list of tests for your diagnostic needs.

Customer support

We are always there for you, our customer support team work 7 days a week to help you with your booking and sample collection.

Download our app

Download our app to keep your health at your fingertips. Some benefits of our app:

  • 1Book test and packages quickly
  • 2Always accessible reports
  • 3Save with exciting app only coupons

What our customers say

At KlinicApp customer is the center of our world. And happy they are.


Anubha Rai

During my pregnancy I had to get regular tests done and with KlinicApp it was such a breeze. I can't imagine going to path labs every other day. It is higly convenient and also saved me a lot of money. Booking through app is absolutely hassle free. Keep up good work....


Chinar Samant

My wife has thyroid so we use to get her thyroid profile checked every month or two. It was a real trouble to arrange for sample collection at home or take my wife to the path lab. With KlinicApp I can schedule a test at my convenience. My wife is happy too. all thumbs up to KlinicApp.....Thank you guys..



My friend told me about this app (KlinicApp) which he used to book path tests. I didn’t understand this whole lab test thing and would always get the test done at the hospital itself. But when he told me that its three, four and at time five hundred percent more expensive there I realized the value of this app.


Karan Issar

Till the time I booked my test through KlinicApp I didn't know what a test could cost ACTUALLY. I downloaded their app to book a home sample collection, it is super easy. And got reports online within 24 hours . Wonderful experience, Always book and save....highly recommended

Blood test at Kliniapp is India's largest online blood test at home service with free sample collection facility. We aim to provide the best possible diagnostic and path test services to every Indian. Klinicapp has a huge variety of online blood test operational across India. You can get your blood test in Mumbai or blood test in Delhi or blood test in Pune or any other city. We likewise offer all sorts of path tests, including Thyroid profile, liver profile (Liver function test), Lipid Profile, T3, T4, TSH test, HbA1c test, fasting sugar test, CBC and many broad health checkup (health packages) like full body checkup, healthy heart checkup, diabetes test and many more under free home sample collection services. All our blood test is conducted in labs having highest quality standard like NABL, ISO and CAP certification. The sample collectionfor blood test is done by our exert technicians who are trained for home sampe collection, hygine, sample handling and laboratory procedures.

We Aim For the Best

Our quest to excel in the blood test segment of the diagnostic services has helped us reach to more than 1 lac customers so far. Getting blood test done on our platform is very simple: just call us for blood test at 888-255-0000 or download our app from android play store or apple app store or simply visit our website. Our best phlebotomists will reach out to you. Same day online reports, lab test at home was never so convenient! We at Klinicapp turn this lab tests into a hassle free experience. We provide you with a team of a highly skilled Phlebotomist, who specializes in the at home sample collection.